Blood Diary

October 9, 2008
The beginning of warning bells.

It was late, the darkness rushed in through the old stained glass window. A single lamp sat upon a table, casting a yellowish glow upon the old book. Leather bound and wrinkled, old pages, that a gentle finger touched. It brought shivers to Elina as she stared at the book, written in an old language that she didn’t understand. The ink was red, and not typed, but hand written, in a beautiful script. Elina’s body jumped as the hourly beep sounded from her watch, and she took a deep breath trying to unruffle herself.
As she turned her head towards her wrist, seeing that it was already 12am. She slowly stood and walked towards the door, putting her jacket on, and grabbing her house keys. Locking the door to the old library, that she worked at. Looking down the street, she saw snow swiveling around, sighing as she started the walk towards her house. Snow drifted lazily and settled upon her sleek black hair. The emerald optics looked head, watching where her black booted feet stepped. As she breathed, the steam whipped in the air, dancing along with the snow.
Things were quiet and peaceful at night, and she was starting to enjoy the walk home. Although only what she could see was what the light of the street lamps exposed. Elina itched close to the part of the walk that she didn’t like so much. New York was not a safe place, near the dark alleys, and to make it worse, she was new. Finland was her home, and to prove it, her accent was as thick as ever. Her eyes closed, and slowly opened trying to calm herself down, though as a strange feeling rushed over the young college girl. Something she had never felt before.
The feeling of being hunted. Not just watched. Her leg muscles twitched in anticipation as she forgot about the dancing flakes of snow.

‘Go quickly, don’t stop’

Her mind seemed to whisper in her head. She found her gaze drifting to each side of her, looking for the source of this feeling. The puffs of steam grew larger, as her steps grew hurried. She passed another ally, and a figure grew upon her through the side of her eyes. Turning her head quick to the side she focused on the being and her breath hitched.
Under the yellowish glow of the street lamp, his eyes were red, as red as the ink in that book, as red as blood. Besides being an abnormal color, they also held a reflective film, almost like a cat. Largish canines peeked from under his blueish lips.
Finally, as if remembering to breath, her breath let out, and a worse feeling came over her. As if she was prey. Then, his voice struck her ears; it was graceful, almost elegant. “Greetings dear, what are you doing out so late?” It even held a strange accent, something she had never heard before in her life.
Elina found herself looking over him, a trench coat and a tight black shirt that showed his muscles. He had a lot of them, and it seemed as if he could easily, hurt her. He had a delicate chin, and high cheek bones. Brown hair, with dusty bangs that hung into his blood colored eyes.

‘Wow great going, check out your killer before you scream and die’

Elina looked into his eyes, which still held that red tone and she started shaking again, this time not from the cold she had long forgotten about, but from fear. Her muscles were writhing and every alarm in her body was sounding. She needed to get away. Back tracking, she stumbled, and started crashing towards the ground. The strange man moved, quicker then sound, and the rush of air, from her falling body stopped, but no pain touched her.

Elina’s eyes slowly opened, closed from the anticipation of pain. Finding herself in the arms of man she founded as her killer, she swallowed hard. “Th-Thanks” It was as if she suddenly forgot her English again, but unsure if it was from embarrassment or fear.
The man seemed to be amused at her stutter, and let a grin curve his blue lips, and his large canines showed once again, “Cold?” He asked her, in that strange accent. That language that she had never herd before, it intrigued her, like she was a metal and he, a magnet.
Elina shook her head again, leaning away from him as far as possible, “N- no, I’m... Just a little shaken up...” She spoke still stumbling over her words. It was starting to anger her. Why was this guy so damned sure of himself? I mean what if she had a gun, or something. It wasn’t like she did, but, She could.
“I...I need to go, I have things…to be done...” She spoke and the guy held her closer to him, and she twitched at the feeling of being pulled towards him.
“Can’t you just stay for a moment?” The man spoke running his hand down Elina’s neck to her shoulder blade. His fingers were like ice, and his eyes still glowing in that cat like manner. Her body suddenly went into the flight or fight mode and she tore away from him, hitting him as hard as she could with her knee into his stomach. He yelled something about ‘Stupid Humans’, but she continued to run until she reached the concrete steps into the dorm, and unlocked it sliding her card, fumbling for her dorm room key, running up the steps inside, slamming the door with the 103 numbers shut. Locking it and leaning against it panting.

Logical Explanations

Elina sighed rubbing her forehead her mind still bussing with the occurrences of the previous night. She didn’t get much sleep under her belt, so her green eyes were slightly blood shot. Her jaw hurt from the annoying continuous yawns as she tried her hardiest not to let her head droop in class. She was over in the United States, with her mother’s wishes of getting more cultured. Course Elina didn’t mind it. Finland offered wonderful schools, she just wanted something different, and she had a few good friends she had met online, that offered to spruce up her English.
Right know she really didn’t know what the teacher was talking about at the moment at hand, her thoughts were still bussing with the man’s strange accent. Even stranger, his words that he spoke to her yesterday. The words about “Stupid humans” kind of scared her. So she started to sort things out in her mind.
The reflective films, and the strange color, were because of the street lamps. The bulbs were yellow, and hitting his eyes in a strange manner so therefore made his eyes a funny color.

So, the strange accent he spoke in. Well simple, she hasn’t been everywhere in the world. So he just lived somewhere that she has never herd of, or just never met anyone from. There are a billion and one places to tour.

His teeth, simple. He needs dental work.

His body. He works out, a lot.

His soundlessness. Part ninja? Or just really good and light on his feet.

His skin. It was freezing cold outside. So his skin had to be cold. But how could he stand the temperature? Maybe the place where he got his strange accent is cold so this weather is normal to him.

The Stupid Humans quote. He’s mentally instable.

So that about covered everything that creeped the college girl out about the man from last night. Now that Elina had logically explained the strange occurrences that happened yesterday, she felt good. There was always a logical explanation for everything. You just had to figure it out and sometimes it took along amount of time.
A loud sound erupted and Elina’s head lifted up with a jump as she looked for the source of the noise. Seeing it was nothing else but the professor angry and slamming a book down, she swallowed her stupidity down and sighed shaking her head. She looked down at the notes she was supposed to be taking, and all she had written down:
Physiology Notes

Schizophrenia: There are three main types

Paranoid Delusional
*Hearing Voices- Every one is out to get them.

That was it; maybe the man had Schizophrenia, her head turned towards the professor as she raised her hand. “Is it possible that the patient can think he is some sort of creature?” Elina asked as some of the other students turned towards her and blinked. Elina never really spoke, since she was frightened of making someone mad at her, or offending them in some sort of manner.
The professor nodded his head. “Actually yes, it is common. Well generally not a ‘Creature’ but a King, or Queen or someone of some higher importance. Sometimes. I have seen someone who thought they were Jesus. It all depends on the severity of the case of Schizophrenia” He ended as Elina nodded her head.
Elina decided she was going to have to put more work into this and see what was exactly wrong with this man, who thought he was something more then human. No he was just an insane escapee of the local mental institution. She listened closely for the rest of her class, trying to learn as much as she could about this mental disease that she diagnosed to her attacker last night. Soon the bell rang and she got up grabbing her notebook and walking out the door to her car. Sighing for just a few moments as she tried to figure out how in the world the man could have thought he was someone else but still be so sure of himself. Well not someone else. Something else.
As she put the key into the ignition she sighed as the cars three cylinder motor erupted into life. The motor spurted, then revved as she pulled out of the parking lot, watching the roads carefully as her stomach growled letting her know that it was lunch time, and she was hungry. Her fingers loosely gripped the wheel as she still wondered how a man could even turn insane, or are they just born that way. A small yawn left her jaws as she rubbed her eyes at a red light. She could still feel his cold body against her own. He felt so much like ice, even through all of her layers of clothes’ the icy chill still found her skin.
The thought made her shiver once again then her eyes, and her stomach brought her on the problem at hand, were to eat. She looked at the fast food joints that she was passing on the sides of the road. She sighed and decided on a cheap and fast place, and pulled into Burger King. Pulling in she ordered a cheap hamburger and a sprite. As she pulled out after getting her food she started driving back to the dorm witch she stayed at. She parked, and got out of the tiny black car grabbing her food and climbing up the stairs. As she reached for the card in her pocket she blinked, not finding it. Thinking in the rush of things last night she left it in the card scanner, looking around for it in the bushes, beside the stairs. She didn’t find it.
Elina blinked, okay this was only slightly annoying, but she could deal with it. She went to the dorm manager, still holding her bag and drink. She looked into the glass window, that had weirs in the glass, like the schools did. She shook her head, who would ever break into a dorm manager office? She couldn’t see into the building because of the suns glare, so she started bobbing back and forth like a parakeet, trying to look inside. Her mind took control once again as she ‘saw’ the man from last night inside the glass grabbing the dorm managers plump body and lifting her head showing her neck. His perfect face leaning down his lips pressed against the Managers necks, making it look like nothing more then a mere kiss until blood oozed from under his blueish lips. Soon the Manager went limp in his arms, and -. A fierce pounding on the glass snapped her out of her daydream that was more like a daynighmare. Her heat was pounding so hard she could feel the pulse in her fingertips. “Sor- sorry” She tripped over her words, as the beady eyes of the Dorm Manager glared at her.

“What do you want..” The Manager growled.
“I uhh, I need a new key. 103, under Elina Salo.” She spoke and looked away. Her heart was still racing and it made her feel stupid, silly even.
“I.D” again she roared.
“Here, Diver’s License and School I.D” Elina said sliding them through the tiny opening that a rat could have problems with.
A few moments later the Manager passed her IDs back, with a new card. Elina said her thanks which of course the Manager didn’t respond to, then walked back towards her dorm. Sliding her card in and watching the light turn green, she smiled walked towards her room, pulling out her keychain and opening the door, closing it behind her and sighed. She made it through her first two classes with out falling sleep. It was a good day so far.
She ate her food, and took her drink with her to her computer looking at the book beside her. It sent shivers up her spine, as she took it into her hands again.
Maybe… There was something she was missing.
What drinks blood, is cold, seductive…
She moved the mouse and the computer screen lit up, crackling to life. She googled Vampires, finding out that Vampires in some tales were ‘Demons that feasted on the blood of humans’ those tales began in Persia. She went on that lead, and looked at the book opening it, and a light blub went off in her head as she typed in ‘Ancient Persian Writing’ and she looked through the hits finding one to her liking
“Old Persian Cuneiform” she whispered to herself, and then clicked, sure enough, the lettering pictures matched the one book.
She spent the rest of the night writing out the book, it which was a diary. She was amazed, scared... But amazed.
Zarek was a vampire made thousands of years ago, by a vampire named Arash. Arash had killed the rest of Zareks’ family in a bloodlust but turned Zarek because he was amazed with the man’s fearlessness of him. Zarek hated Arash for what he did and ran from him, running to England. The years he lived there after he was so regretful of killing the people he did, one in particular was a young boy, a son of another victim. The words painting the face of a small boy holding up his father’s sword protecting the body of his fallen mother.
Elina closed the Diary and put away her part of the translation and shook her head.
He was a vampire…
But he was regretful, of everything that he has done. What did that mean?
Her head hurt from thinking to much as she walked to her bedroom, and sighed. Elina didn’t know what to think anymore. Weren’t vampires supposed to be horrible creatures that killed for no reason but to satisfy their own thirst?

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