Aladdin Remix

October 7, 2008
Our story begins with a girl who lives in New York. Her name is Jasmine or as her friend called her Jazz. She’s at school when suddenly she sees a sign that says:

School Dance,
When? 7:00 Friday
Where? Gym

Jazz’s friend Bell had a boyfriend named Joey. She would be going to the dance with him. Jazz had a crush on a boy named Al, which is short for Aladdin.

“So how are you going to get him to ask you?” asked Bell?

“Maybe I’ll write a note.” Responded Jazz

“That is a great idea!” cheered Bell.

Jazz told Bell to meet her at her favorite store. Remix. It was an old store full of used treasures. Sure some people may call them junk but not Jazz. This store was full of wonderful things to her. Jazz got to the store early, so she decided to look around. As usual the store seamed to be stuffed with all different kinds of unique and magical things. Jazz picked up a clear glass ball and as she did she thought she saw a cloud swirl in the middle of the ball. Wow she thought and replaced the ball back on the shelf. A couple of odd-looking boxes caught her eye as she went around the corner of the isle. Just when she was about to pick them up an old man appeared right beside her and said, “ I wouldn’t touch that if I were you, it has a strong curse attached to it.” Jazz removed her hand and laughed to herself. She loved the mystery of this stuff but she didn’t really believe that it had magic. The old man seemed to know what she was thinking. He said,

“So you don’t think magic exists anymore, huh?”
“Who are you” Jazzed asked?
“I own this wonderful store.” He said. “I think I have just what you’re looking for”. “But I’m not looking for anything in here. I’m just waiting for my friend, Bell” Said Jazz. But the storeowner wasn’t listening to her as he rummaged through a pile of old looking jewelry boxes.
“Aha here it is”, he said and handed Jazz a plain old jewelry box.
“Thank you mister but I already have a jewelry box; I don’t need this one” said Jazz. But the old man just pushed it back into her hand and walked away.

Jazz met Bell at the front door and said, “You’re late, and let’s get going!” And she ushered Bell out of the store.
“Hey I wanted to look in there” whined Bell.
“I’ve already looked and there isn’t anything good,” Jazz said.
“Well if there wasn’t anything good how come you have a box in your hand?” Bell Questioned.
“Oh that, It’s nothing just something the storeowner wanted to get rid of” “Come on lets get shopping and don’t forget we have to write that letter.” said Jazz.

When Jazz got home she went straight up to her room and collapsed on her bed. Then she remembered the weird storeowner and the small little jewelry box. She decided to take a closer look at her new used treasure. Jazz pulled the box out of the bag and slowly began to dust it off. As she did she felt 3 shapes on the front of the box? There was a flower, a heart, and a candy kiss that said Love. Well that’s kind of neat she thought to herself. She raised the box up closer to take a good look. She saw what she thought looked like a keyhole in the middle of the heart. She grabbed the box and looked directly into the keyhole and as she did she pressed down on the flower and the candy kiss. All of the sudden the box began to shake. Jazz yelled and dropped the box on her bed. The box shook even more and then pink smoke began to pour out of the top. Before Jazz could move to the door a Genie appeared. Jazz could not believe her eyes. She just stood there with her mouth wide open. She couldn’t even talk. The Genie was beautiful. She had long golden hair with a thick sparkly silk headband. The fabric of her dress could only have been made of magic. As the Genie came to full size she looked right at Jazz and said, “My name is rose, I am your Genie. You may have 3 wishes” Jazz still couldn’t even make a sound. The Genie told Jazz “please do not be afraid of me. I will not hurt you I am the Genie of Love and can only be summoned by someone with a pure heart and a true love.” Jazz felt a little weak but she asked the Genie “where did you come from? What kind of wishes do you mean?” “I have lived in this jewelry box for thousand of centuries. I am here because you need my help,” said the Genie “What kind of help do you think I need?” asked Jazz. “Well as I said, I am the Genie of true Love. You want to ask your true love to a dance. I can help you. You have three wishes I will grant each wish and you and your true love will go to the dance and have fun” informed the Genie. “Wow, this is awesome. I want to call bell my best friend she can come over and help me make the right wishes,” said Jazz.

Jazz called Bell and told her to come right over to her house and straight up to her room. In a very short time Jazz heard Bell outside her bedroom. Jazz flung open the door and pulled Bell into the room. Then she slammed the door shut again. “Owe what is the rush” yelled Bell. Jazz didn’t say a word she just spun Bell around to the Genie. Bell screamed!! After a lot of talking, Jazz explained everything to Bell. Before long Jazz, Bell and the Genie were talking like old friends. Bell asked, “How did you become the Genie of true love?” The Genie bowed her head and told the girls the story of her one true love and how an evil magician had tore them apart and cursed them to live as Genies. “Oh that is horrible!” cried Jazz. “Isn’t there anything we can do to help you?” asked Bell. “The only way I can escape this curse is for someone to wish me free” said the Genie tearfully. “Well that isn’t hard I have three wishes, I will wish you free on the 3rd wish” Said Jazz. “You would do that for me” cried the Genie “Of course” said Jazz and the three of them hugged each other.

“Ok said the Genie, let’s get to work. What is your first wish?” Jazz and Bell talked it over and decided that the first wish should be a beautiful letter that would get Al to ask Jazz to the dance. The Genie closed her eyes and sang a beautiful song. As she sang the song the letter was written on a lovely pink paper with gold letters. When the song was over the Genie handed the letter to Jazz and said with a smile “that should do it” Bell read the letter and shrieked with delight. “Oh Jazz this is just perfect. Al will ask you to the dance by the end of the day tomorrow.

By the end of the day the Genie’s magic had worked. Al approached Jazz at lunch and thanked her for such a beautiful letter. He then said if she didn’t already have a date to the dance he would like to escort her. Of course she accepted!!

Jazz and Bell ran alt the way back to Jazz’s house and up the stairs to her room. “Rose” they screamed. “You did it! He asked me at lunch today” Jazz said gleefully. “I had no doubts,” said the Genie. “Now what is your second wish?” asked the Genie? Friday was just around the corner and Jazz didn’t have a dress. After thinking long and hard Jazz said “OK I wish to have a dress as beautiful as yours.” With a wink of her eye and a flick of her wrist the genie produced a gown that was more beautiful then anything Jazz or Bell had ever seen. It was made from the magic material that the Genie was wearing. It was the exact size and style for Jazz and when she tried it on she looked like a princess. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” squealed Jazz.

The days went by and Jazz and Bell spent most of their free time talking with Rose the beautiful Genie. In a blink of an eye time had flown by and it was time for the dance. Bell was getting ready for the dance at Jazz’s house. The three of them were having fun talking and doing each other’s hair. They put on their dress and stood beside each other in front of the mirror. Jazz looked stunning in her dress and Bell was beautiful too. The Genie looked at the girls and said “I hope all of your dreams come true tonight.” “Oh yea that’s right” said Jazz “I still have one wish left. I am so nervous I should wish for a perfect night. I should wish that Al falls madly in love with me and I become his true love” Rambled Jazz. The Genie hung her head. She had really hoped that this time her capture would send her free. But once again 3 wishes just weren’t enough. She knew in her heart that no amount of wishes would ever be enough. She was doomed to be a Genie forever. She looked at Jazz with sad eyes and said; “your wish is my command whatever it is.” Jazz looked up at Rose and said; “I have everything I need. I have the most amazing dress ever, I have the chance to hang out with a great guy who may or may not be my true love, and most of all I have two Great friends I know I can always count on. My wish is for you Rose to be free and find your true love!” Rose cried as she closed her eyes and spun in circles. After the Smoke disappeared, glitter rained from the ceiling. Rose stood in front of Jazz and Bell. She was even more beautiful as a magical princess. Rose hugged Jazz for a long time. Then she picked up the jewelry box and told both Jazz and Bell if they ever needed her they could reach her through the jewelry box. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a golden key. She told them “This is the key to my heart, whenever you need me just put this key into the keyhole of the jewelry box and I will be here in no time” Bell, Jazz and Rose hugged each other one more time. Rose kissed them goodbye and disappeared.

Jazz and Bell had a great time at the dance. All three of the girls get together often and laugh and talk for hours just like best friends do. As for true love, Aladdin and Jasmine are still dating and plan to live happily ever after. As well for Rose who found her true love and Bell who is still dating.

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