Everything's Comin Up Roses

October 7, 2008
Death, when you get right down to it it's a pretty f***ed up business.Death,It's something I go through everyday. As I lay here in my bed in a prostrate state, I wonder how I should sum up how this part of my life that God has graced me with. I finally have come to the conclusion that this phase is a Gift, and as well as a curse. It's a gift in one way, I'm doing people good by sending them to where they belong, and seeing the faces of ghostly shadows does my heart well, as well as haunt me.
It occurs to me it is a curse, due to the fact that I lead them to their own demise. Sweet, foolish, idiotic people going to their demise. Such a thought has made me consider myself a murderer, even though I'm not. These people died of their own accord. These people thought that looking for an easy way out would lead them to a settled score with you and god, when it wasn't.
So this is my business, and forever it will be. Death is my life, death is my business. This is my business and it has never been better.

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