October 7, 2008
Do you remember the book stargirl?Well i do.This is kind- of like stargirl but with a boy.

It all started in the middle of November that's when Mrs.Peterson had got a new student in her classroom.His name was starboy.He was tall and thin with blonde hair.He was different.

Starboy had done things a little differnet.For insist he would say the Plegde of Alligance backwards and he would wear his shoes on tye wrong feet or even mich-match.

Starboy was in the 10th grade and he was 15 years old.He had to be the weirdest boy in the whole entire school.

One day during gym he was getting picked on because he was different.The two people were basketball players.One of the boy's who had seen starboy getting pushed around helped him.His name was trent raybon.He was cute,good-looking,but wasn't on any team of some sort.He was just normal.

Starboy wasn't different for long.He changed his different ways in March for a girl he liked and maybe ven loved.

Her name was Lucinda Kamara.She was black, had long hair, and was on the cheerleading team.She wasn't popular but she kew a lot of people, though.

Starboy changed his name to Trevon Jordan. He came to school with a new style and everything.

One day he asked Lucinda to go to the Spring dance with him and she had said "of course i will go with you to the Spring dance this Saturday."

They went and had a wonderful time.They danced and played games.And Trevon aka Starboy and Lucinda became boyfriend and girlfriend.

That was the end of Starboy forever.
Or was it?


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