His Face Pale White

October 7, 2008
By Tiffany Niehorster, Newark, DE

the past few days for him have been a bit intense. many realizations, many changes. he feels like he's going nowhere. he need motivation. he needs that drive to succeed in life. he just want to feel as if he have done something worth while in this world. his pain never ends. his happiness has yet to start. hes at a state of mind where he has no hope for anything to get better. at this point, he wants to sleep and never wake up. he wants to die, but peacefully. he wont go to heaven, for hes already in hell. hell is his place called home. his face pale white, he wants to dissappear. he needs someone to talk to, confess to, guide him through life. someone who won't judge. through it all, he stays strong. no one can break him, at least not today. oh please, not today.

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