The Walk through the Night

October 7, 2008
By Brandon Wood, Jim Thorpe, PA

I am walking through the streets in the pitch-black night. I can smell the putrid odor of the factories in the nearby city. I can taste the thickness of the air. I can hear the loudest noise that I have ever heard: silence. It is quiet, too quiet. I am alone and afraid. I don’t know my way around this town during the night, only during the day. I can sense that something bad is going to happen tonight. I know that I should stop walking, but my legs will not let me. I am being dragged into nothingness. I want to scream, but I can’t. My voice has escaped from my throat.

Suddenly, I see a light that is so big that it envelops the darkness. My feet drag me towards it. I see a shadow coming out of the light and into the darkness toward me. It possesses no footsteps. It is just silent and dark. I realize that the odor was coming from the shadow-figure, not the nearby factories. I finally see the shadow-figure’s skin. It is slimy and green. The face is so horrid; I cannot describe it in writing.

I start to run, and the figure starts running toward me. I am running as fast as I can, but the figure never stops. My heart skipped a beat: I realized that this creature is not human. He doesn’t have to breathe. I suddenly remembered something. When I was looking at the figure’s face, I noticed that it didn’t have any eyes. It was blind. So I used that to my advantage and I ran the other way. Oh no! I forgot that he could still hear me! So, my plan didn’t work. But I wasn’t giving up. I had to get away from the creature somehow. I didn’t any time to think about it, though.

I suddenly see another bright light. My feet try to drag me toward it, while I try to resist. Finally, I overcome my legs and start running. But I see two more lights. This time, surprisingly, I can keep running. I see the other three creatures come out of the light. Now, all four of them are chasing me down the long, winding road.

I now realize that all four of them are slightly different. The first one has ears but no eyes. The second one has eyes but no ears. The third one has neither but can sense my presence. The fourth one would be the weakling. He has nothing; he can only sense the other creatures. I know that the fourth one will not last for very long. And he doesn’t. He quickly falls on the ground and collapses.

However, the other three are not so weak. They will never stop running. I try to scream, but once again I can’t. Even if I could, I know that nobody is around to hear me. My knees are aching. No, my whole body is aching. I am not going to be able to run for much longer. Suddenly, I just collapse. The three creatures catch up and just stare at me. Finally, one of them makes a noise. He says my name. I am wondering how he knows it. He says it over and over. Suddenly, I awaken in my room and I see my mom calling my name and telling me to wake up.

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This article has 2 comments.

Dushan said...
on Nov. 18 2008 at 11:33 pm
Very well-described.I like the part when the character thinks about the weaknesses of the monsters which is just like when you think during a nightmare how to get rid of it. Twisted story, but I like it.

on Oct. 14 2008 at 8:45 pm
that was amazing. i could feel myself in your place. the imagery and details were just spectacular. bravo!


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