My Painful trip to the beach

October 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Oww, my legs ache. I have sat in a car for eighteen hours now. What normal person would ride in a car for that long. There is one reason only, to have the best vacation ever. This vacation would be my first time to go to the beach at Fort Walton Beach in Florida. The trip was all planed out and it was going to be the best time ever, as long as every thing goes as planed.

As my sister and I wanted for my parent to do all the paperwork and get us signed in, my anxiety started to build. Our family friends from Texas were the ones that invited us and we had not seen them for a year and finally getting to see them was making me anxious as well. Finally we started caring all of our luggage up to the sixth story condo.

As we were carrying some of our luggage our friends ran into us and told me that, Jacob, their son was out on the beach. So I ran straight up to our room got changed, and ran out to the beach. It was the best weather ever for a trip to the beach. There was not a cloud in the sky. There was no winds either. The sand was as white as it will ever be. So far the beach was exactly how I pictured it except for one thing. The water. It was so green and full of algae, I had pictured it to be crystal clear.
Once I got their I encountered a new feeling. The sand squishing between my toes. I saw Jacob out in the water. Not being very smart I did not pay attention to all the signs saying that “ there is an abundance of seaweed attracting large jellyfish.” I ran out into the water and said, “hi.” I had no clue what was lurking just in front of me.
We had continued talking, while trying to survive the waves that would cover us in a bonanza of seaweed. Write when one enormous wave went over us I had an excruating pane on my but. I had almost started crying. Right when I had yelled ow my friend Jacob had said look out there is a huge jellyfish right in front of you. That jellyfish that was staring me down had washed up and had got stuck in my pants. That three foot long jellyfish sent us running back to shore.

When we got back to shore we went to the bathroom and got some medicine and a band aid to stop the bleeding. I went back out to the beach but lets just say I never went back in the water. also when I got back out to the beach I saw the signs and thought I was extremely dumb.
Later that day my parents said the chlorine would help make the sting feel better. Right away I went to the lazy river that was behind the hotels. The water stung a little but after several hours of floating it started to feel better .

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on Oct. 14 2008 at 8:54 pm
very very interesting. i also got stung very badly by a jelly fish, or japanese manowar in my case. it was 40 feet long. im not sure how extreme your situation was but i went on steriods for 2 weeks after it got infected. i wrote a story about my experience too. ill post it so you can read it. the title is "the stinging menance" by Haley M.


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