Up Above the World So High

October 7, 2008
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Amy had spent the entire first day of summer wasting away by the pool, soaking up the rays, reading the latest gossip in People Magazine. So when the sun set that night behind the steamy rooftops, the chilly breeze that swept across her cheek was a welcomed break from the sweltering heat. She laid there quietly on her driveway under the night sky for hours, her eyes lighting up with each new star that shone from behind the silver string of clouds dissolving into the thickness of the dark. She liked to lie under the stars sometimes, to absorb the night as it engulfed her small being. Tonight Amy sat there imagining the exciting life the stars must live so far up there in space. They were never lonely, never dull. She imagined that during the day when the sun lit up the earth the stars escaped their hold in the sky and could travel the galaxy before they must return again to illuminate the world and grant little boys and girls their deepest wishes. Then she thought of the story of one star and how it was this star that created everything we see today.

Vega was born into the galaxy with billions of others just like her, constantly in a competition to outshine one another. However Vega was different. From the beginning she was never very bright and she just didn’t have the same state of mind as her fellow stars. All the others were consumed with themselves, assuming the world revolved around them. Vega was one to wander the depths of black holes and ride the backs of comets across the universe. She was much less concerned with boasting her glowing physique and spent most of her time searching for one of the billions of stars that would join her in her adventurous pursuits. However as the millenniums dragged on Vega’s hope began to dwindle and her longing for her double star, the one she would forever be locked in orbit with, grew larger each night as she shone alone in the vast sky. As she shone one night Vega wondered how much longer she could continue this meaningless existence. Her glow began to dim to a twinkle and as the twinkle began to flicker, a blazing star shot across the galaxy, stopping shortly before her.

Patronus was from a distant galaxy and had been racing an asteroid to Pluto and back when he was suddenly mesmerized by the golden radiance that seemed to illuminate the entire sky. Before he even knew it he had tripped over his own crimson trail and landed right in front of this majestic beauty. Vega was even more surprised to see the handsome star fall from the heavens, entranced by his striking presence and was left unable to utter a single syllable. Both began to shine brighter and brighter as moments passed. The other stars in the sky seemed to fade into the velvety black until only Patronus and Vega were left motionless gazing into each others gaseous being. Vega had never felt alive until this instance. She could feel an inferno building up inside, wanting to explode out of her heart. The flame was rapidly dispersing through every one of her points and igniting her from her very soul. Patronus was encapsulated in a dream that he wished he could never wake from, a perfect euphoria that he knew must have been sent from heaven. He could feel the connection that united their heartbeats as if hers had inherently been inside him all along. As their love deepened day by day their spark glowed brighter and brighter until one day Vega and Patronus exploded into a supernova. Bright blues and purples, fiery reds, and neon greens burst into all directions. The universe had never witnessed such a spectacle and as the colors condensed into a single mass the earth was then created. The blues and purples formed the ocean that ran miles deep. The greens sprang up from the oceans depths creating a sturdy ground and branched out into the tall trees and wide plains. The reds became flowers that gave the earth passion as they dotted every landform in sight.

Together Vega and Patronus had become the parents of the infant planet and they themselves had transformed during the process. Patronus became the glorious sun, blanketing the earth in constant warmth and allowing its vegetation to prosper. Vega transformed into the mystical moon, pulling the tide of the oceans in to slowly rock the earth to sleep at night. However both Patronus and Vega knew the sad truth that had come with this joyous blessing. The two stars would be forced to sacrifice their life together in order to insure the future of their child. During the day Patronus shone with all his glory and strength and as the night came Vega shone with all her majesty as she watched over earth. Both stars longed for the other and always felt the void within themselves where the other belonged. When the skies were dark and dismal and the clouds released their sad silver raindrops, Patronus would be consumed by the fog, hiding from the earth, missing his love dearly. At night when Vega could not be seen among the dangling stars she was secluded in her own world where night and day were one of the same. Locked in the shackles of this disheartening duel, both Vega and Patronus soon became so love sick that the stars seemed to lose their luster and the clouds dispersed into the surrounding blue. The pain seared deep as they came to the realization that they could no longer resist the temptation to be together. So one day Vega left her orbit in the sky and went to Patronus as he gave warmth to the world. Their love was reignited as if it had never began to simmer and the moon and sun become one in the sky as the first eclipse manifested itself for the universe to witness. Patronus erupted with passion as his corona burned bright around his love. Vega had never felt this degree of heat that radiated from his fiery core and was enraptured in his presence. However time was no comrade to them and soon they realized they must depart. But before they did they left a token of their affection behind on earth so when the day came that they were lonely once again watching over their child from the sky, they could look to the earth and reminisce on their reunion together. The first jewel that was created was the human being, one man and one women so that they too could fall in love just as the sun and moon had. To this day as the rare eclipses occur in the sky, Vega and Patronus spend a few fleeting moments together and after each meeting leave behind a new species to populate the earth, one male and one female, so that love can prosper and not suffer their same ill-fated affair.

A smile slid across Amy’s face as slumber reached the corner of her eyelids. She stared at the stars circling above her one last time before she drifted off into a deep sleep where dreams of galaxies danced across her mind. As she lay there on the driveway, the moon shone high above her like a diamond in the sky and there it stayed until Amy arose the next morning to the sun glistening once again upon her.

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