Ride Of a Lifetime

October 6, 2008
By Kayle Schmidt, Flower Mound, TX

It was just past eight o’clock when I arose from bed. The sun was shinning on this glorious day and the birds were coming out to play. When I awoke the sounds of chirps out my window filled the air and reminded me that I was leaving today for my next adventure. As thirty minutes passed by, I heard a knock at my door; it was Louise, our maid. She echoed in a hush tone, “Miss Analisia you are leaving today. The queen is expecting you.”
Analisia was a beautiful lady with long blond hair. She had gleaming brown eyes and the perfection of a model.

Nevertheless, on this glorious day, my heart filled with excitement. I was actually going to England, but now the sorrow started hitting me like a building falling down. In the blink of an eye I was on my plane to England.

At the presence, of my arrival I was welcomed by Sir John Smith. He worked for my aunt, Queen Elizabeth. She is a genuine woman with compassion and respect. I love Aunt Liz. Going into the palace was an amazing feeling like one I have never felt before. I was going to live here, while I did my semester at the Grand School of the Dukes. I was ecstatic sharing the house with the queen. The thought was just stupendous.

Even though I was just over exhausted I found no time for sleep, or unpacking. I was ready to rome around England. When I left, my aunt Liz called she wanted to meet up for lunch, and she insisted I meet her there at the place by 3:30 and she declared, “Gretchen will pick you up!” I calmly answered her, “I can get there my self. It’s okay.”

Then I grabbed my map and ended up lost in distress. I had no cell phone signal and I knew nobody. So I decided I would try to go the way that I came, but I had no idea that getting around England would be so complicated.

With no help, I sat down I tried asking for directions but no one understood or knew where I was going. I just sat right there on a bench and hoped to god something amazing would happen. A cute, tall black haired man strolled over and sat next to me and exclaimed, “You need help?”

“Yes! How did you know?”

“You walked by here twice already.”

“Oh.” She giggled with embarrassment.

“Where are you trying to go?”

“Home!” she answered with a sigh.

“Which would be where?”

“The palace….”

“With Queen Elizabeth?”
“Yep that’s my aunt.”
“No way.”
“Yah. Well do you think you can help me get home?”
“Sure I can.”
At once, the two scampered back to the palace they arrived at nightfall. The queen was so worried; she had been crying you could tell by the puffiness in her eyes.

“Are you okay my darling?”
“I am fine. I got lost with no cell phone signal.”
“This man….?”
“Helped me get home,” I interrupted.
“Thank god.”
With all the questions, asked and answered by everyone he was invited to stay for dinner.

In the conclusion of dinner, they questioned each for an extended amount of time but never found out one another’s names. After answering a question, he responded with a deep voice, “What is your name I did not ever catch it?”

“Analisia and yours Sir?”

“Jett,” he replied.

“Very American.” She answered.
“My parents moved here with me when I was three years old. Since then this has been my home. I don’t remember America much I was too young to comprehend it. All I really know is I was born in Breckenridge, Colorado,” he mentioned.
With the conversations continuing between them, they soon found out that they were going to the same school. Going on for weeks and weeks, the two talked everyday until the end of the semester was coming to a close, in a week. She had to either decide to remain in England and go to school for the rest of the time or leave him behind. They had been dating since their first encounter. They were in love, they both felt it. Neither saw life without one another, in it. With her decision coming tomorrow Jett brought Analisia to a feeble area along the coast for the day. When he got down on one knee, he mumbled, “Analisia, I love you and I don’t want to lose you in my life we made it through good and bad will you stay and marry me?”

She was crying with joy and excitement, when she whispered,”Yes, of course!”

With her staying in England, their wedding was set for spring at the palace.

Now today they live in the secondary house at the palace. With a baby girl on the way and in love as can be.

She learned in all of this that you have to look toward her future and what lays a head to understand your decisions and choices.

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