October 4, 2008
By Lindsey Zern, Baden, PA

Remember the day I first started to like you? That one day our youth group went to Fun For All, and you and I rode the go-karts together. It was before the go-karts though that I started to feel something. The first time was when we sat on that railing, all by ourselves, and just talked. Right there in the middle of Fun For All. I guess it was just meant to happen, because no one passed by us. It was just you and I. Then when we were on the go-karts, you went sharp around the bends, just so my body would be thrown against yours. Neither of us minded.
Remember the second time was after church when we went to Danae's house with some of our friends? We took a walk in the woods, and I almost fell when I slipped on some wet leaves that were on the ground. But you caught me and then held my hand the rest of the time. I remember how I had some coins in my pocket, and how I gave one to you and told you to throw it in the little stream that we were by. I did the same as you, I made my wish. I remember I wished for you.
Remember the time when we were in Pastor Nate's gazebo? The one in his back yard where we sat and held hands and I put my head on your shoulder for the first time.
October 24th, 2007. That was the day you asked me to be yours. Of course, I said yes. I remember how we were at youth group at church, and how I told you I forgot something upstairs when I just wanted an excuse to be with just you. Then we went upstairs, and we sat in the pews of the dark sanctuary, and you asked me to be your girlfriend. I remember that like yesterday.
Remember all those great times we've had? Our first kiss when I was so nervous, and then when we finally pressed our lips together it was one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Remember the time when we made a home made dinner together? Our home made chicken and macaroni and cheese, and then our chocolate covered pretzels for dessert. And remember how we would always bake cookies together? While I would stir the batter you would come up behind me and wrap your arms around me, that was always my favorite part.
Remember how we would always leave each other little notes? Once I left you a note that I put in the windshield wiper of your car, and you would leave me little text messages on my phone. My favorite one was when you said I was the most amazing girl in the world. Sometimes I write down special things that you say to me in a little notebook, just because they mean so much to me.
Remember how sneaky we always were? Remember how when we would watch movies with our friends in your basement one of us would always say we had to go to the bathroom, and then after about a minute or two the other would go to get a drink? Then we'd "somehow" end up seeing each other on our way back, and we'd exchange a kiss or two. Remember the time I told my parents that I left my phone in your car, just so I could come back out and see you? you said that you loved that. I loved it too.
Remember the time I fell asleep on you while we were watching a movie? Remember how you said it felt like we were married and just sleeping like any other married couple would? Remember how we always would say that we wished we could have had sleepovers, even though we knew our parents would never let us do that. We always said that we would just lay there and tell secrets and giggle, like people do at sleepovers. We just wanted to be near each other.
Remember the first time we told each other we loved one another? Remember how I blushed and how you smiled?
I don't want to ever forget any of that. I don't want to ever leave you, and I don't want to ever stop loving you.

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