Black Rose Book 1

October 3, 2008
By Katie Bauer, Seb., FL

She was right behind me, as were the others. I knew I could outrun them but for how long? It started to drizzle, which became into a storm and the ground quickly became muddy. My name is Kate I am 16 and live in an orphanage. SHE was the headmistress, and THE OTHERS were the men that swooned over her and worked at the orphanage. I was running away. I couldn’t take it anymore the word abuse hung over the place like a rain cloud. I had only told one person of my attempt to escape. His name was Tony he was my only true friend at the orphanage. After I told him his eyes became wide and his voice shaky when he said, Kate, it’s not a good idea; they will find you and who knows what else they would do.” I put my hand on his shoulder and said “but I have to try I’ll get you out of here Tony I promise.” And so here I am with my “brilliant” plan. “Stop her!” the headmistress shouted over the loud claps of thunder. They were like beasts and I was the prey. One had almost caught me. But failed when he slipped and fell into the mud. I looked back they were gaining on me. That’s when we met, Derek and I. He was a man probably in his early 30’s. he was kind but his eyes looked sad. He has white hair and gray eyes. And was tall and slender. They had caught me. I knew I was done for. They held me two of the men so I couldn’t get away. Derek looked at me. Then at the men. Put her down. He said in almost a whisper. But his eyes were now full of fury. The man that fell came staggering up to Derek. “make us.” He snarled. At that moment Derek started to glow. Then there was a blinding flash of light. And the men disappeared. I looked at Derek. He looked at me. I ran to him and sobbed he held me until the rain had stopped.

We walked through the woods silently. Then he said, “What Is your name?” I looked at him then looked down “Kate” I said. “do you have a home Kate?” he asked. I shook my head. “well, you do now." He stopped walking. I looked up there was a cabin it was right next to a gurgling brook. And the way the sun shone on it, it was like a fairy tale. We walked inside “I’ll get you some clothes so you don’t catch a cold. He said. He walked into a room while I just stood there. I didn’t know what to do so I looked around it was a small cabin but looked as homey as a regular sized house. I walked down the hallway and turned a corner. I gasped it was a little girls room there were white curtains a twin sized bed, a door to the outside and a little table and chairs set up for a tea party. I smiled I always wanted a little sister. “I see you’ve found sally’s room.” I jumped it was Derek. I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself my name is Derek. And this was my daughters room her name was sally. “was?” I asked. She died of an infection in her leg. She was only 10 at the time. “I’m sorry.” He smiled. “it’s alright to tell you the truth I’m happy to have another girl in the house it reminds me of her. And you almost look like her too. I blushed. Although it really wasn’t a compliment. “besides now the room won’t go to waste.” I was shocked “you mean I get to stay here?” Derek nodded. “oh! Thank you Derek I mean sir. Thank you so much!” he laughed his laugh was eerie to me though. “your welcome and please call me Derek. I’m not really all fancy like around here.” I smiled I knew I was going to like it here.

The next morning I woke up in sally’s bed. I must’ve fallen asleep. I heard a sizzle and a clang. I got dressed in my own clothes and went to find Derek. “good morning.” He said in a cheerful tone. “what was that noise?” I asked “eggs.” I looked at him funny “you mean you’ve never had eggs before?” I shook my head. “wow!” he said “your missing out! Here” he said as he handed me one on a plate. I wasn’t really one to be picky so I tried it. much to my surprise it was good. “here have another.” He said. I shook my head “I’m full but thanks.” Now he looked shocked. “already? What did they feed you over there?” “not eggs I said.” We laughed. Then I remembered something. “Tony!” I said. “What’s a Tony?” Derek asked. “no! I said as I explained he was still at the orphanage.” we must go at once!” I said. “whoa!” Derek said. “I don’t have enough money to feed two teenagers. “ “but I promised him…” my voice trailed off. Derek put his hand on my shoulder. “well, he said I can only think of one way.” What? I’ll do anything!” I said. “I know a lady who owns a rose garden she is expanding it and doesn’t have a lot of time to take care of it. so if I tell her you can work for her by pulling weeds and things of that matter I can probably help you and your friend.” I was overjoyed “when do I start?” I asked.

That next morning I woke up refreshed and ecstatic. I put on the apron Derek had lent me. And walked to the address he gave me. It took me a while to find since it was hidden behind a lot of plants. But I found it. “Here we go” I said. I knocked on the door. Not long after a lady came to answer it. “she gasped I’m sorry you looked just as my daughter did.” I was confused but decided not to ask any questions besides I wanted to get tony out of that horrid place as fast as I could.

When I got inside the place was full of all types of exotic flowers. When I tried to sniff one, it attacked me. I screamed and pulled my head back. “careful! That’s a carnivores plant!” she said as she helped me up. “thanks” I said. “your welcome by the way, I’m miss Monica.” “nice to meet you, I’m kate.” Well would you like a tour before you start?” I nodded “alrighty then, this way please.” As we walked down the hallway I saw a painting that was draped with a white sheet. But a corner was showing curiously I took the sheet off. I couldn’t believe it the girl in the painting was me!

“ms., Ms. Monica?” “yes dear? Oh.” “is it just me or is this me?” “no” she said “it was my daughter.” At first I thought she was lying but when I looked at her I saw those same sad eyes as dereks. I knew. “it’s sally isn’t it?” I said she nodded when were you planning to tell me? I demanded “I wasn’t” she said as a tear rolled down her cheek followed by another as the first plopped itself onto her shirt.i felt bad. So I said, I’m sorry ms. Monica about everything you went and are going through.” She stopped crying and looked up at me.” your so kind.” She said.” just as Derek said.” I thought for a minute this meant they both had sally (obviously) I just hadn’t thought of it that way. Then, I looked up and saw someone at the window. I couldn’t get a close look at her. Because she ran away before I could see. “wait!” I said I got up and ran to the door and stopped I turned around to ms. Monica “I’ll be right back!” I said and the chase was on.

When I got outside I looked around there was a path that was nearest to the window so I followed it. there was a fork in the path. “great!” I said then I heard a rustle in the left path’s bushes. I followed it until I got to a greenhouse. The door was wide opened so I entered. “hello?” I said. “anyone here?” then I heard a shuffle of feet it was coming from the back so once again relying on my ears I went to the back of the green house. I looked down and saw at my feet a black rose I picked it up. I had heard of red roses people gave to one another to show affection. But never black ones. “kate?” I jumped “ms. Monica!” “my!” she said. “you looked like you just saw a ghost here sit down” she said as she pulled up a lawn chair. “now take a deep breath.” I did which surprisingly made me feel more relaxed. “whats wrong dear?” she asked. I held up the rose. “Where did you-“ “I don’t know I said but I think it was a girl. Everything fell silent all we could hear was the chirps of the cicadas.

The author's comments:
I am currently working on a book i want to have published (someday) as you may have guessed it is called black roses.i am trying to decide if i should turn it to a manga though,i don't know yet. but please comment and give me your honest opinions (that way i know if i need to improve or not) thanks everyone! :)

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