Autumn's Overcast

October 3, 2008
By Carry Larsen, Olympia, WA

Cold harsh winds sting my face as I trudge on. Just another day for the Brit's back home. I guess you just get used to days like these. Since the leaves are changing color and falling from the tree branches the cling so dearly to, you would not be wrong to assume it's now Autumn. Personally, I have always loved the overcast Liverpool weather of Great Britain. Originally I lived in Manchester, but moved to Liverpool because I absolutely crave music. As I board the train I begin to think about one of my many favorite bands; The Red Hot Chili Peppers. You may wonder why exactly I am on this train in the midst of the Autumn season. Well, I am on my way to the RHCP concert. I open my bag and take out my touch screen mp3 player. I quickly go to the song called “Suck my kiss” and sit back in my seat. A long ride ahead but it would all be worth it. Without noticing it I dozed off and dreamed about how the concert would go. When the train abruptly came to a halt I was thrown out of my dream and smacked my head on the window. Even with my head throbbing was stoked to have finally arrived. I gave the person in the booth my ticket and headed to my row. Soon after finding my seat the stadium grew dark and I hear the lead singer Anthony Kiedis begin by saying thanks for coming and that they would start with the song “By the Way.” Several songs later they preformed their closing song “Snow.” As everyone was rising to leave I stuck around was able to get my t-shirt and a poster signed by every member of the band. I was finally out of the stadium and by now it was hailing. Calm and quickly I walked back to the train station. Sitting stunned and awed replayed the concert in my head. It was definitely the best concert I have ever been to.

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