Permanetly Deleted

October 3, 2008
By Anonymous

It starts off as nothing. Someone forgets your name, or your key doesn’t work in your door. You don’t care don’t even realize it or don’t care. It’s just some silly coincidence, nothing to worry about. But that’s exactly how they want it to start.

Then when it has begun, it cannot end. The key stops working completely, you have to call a locksmith only when you try to pay your cash in counterfeit and your credit cards and debit cards have been paid off and canceled. You actually don’t have any credit history at all. Now you’re worried you realize that there were signs before, you should’ve paid attention. You have to get on the computer tell someone, but now your Internet is disabled as well. You rush to your friend’s house but they aren’t there.

Now this is when the game begins. The weak ones just run and get killed easily by the sniper that’s tracking you. The smart ones, the ones that survive a little longer don’t make a big deal and are completely inconspicuous. They are quiet, go back home disable all communication devices and don’t dare call 911, or they’ll just get disconnected.

They know they can’t stay in one place for long, much too dangerous. They don’t get in their car, its already been laid with trackers. They can’t ride a bike, or they can see you. The only option is to steal someone else’s car. They have to make sure it doesn’t have an alarm, does have tinted windows, and has no bumper stickers. They find it’s clean. So they drive, slowly, not fast, never fast. But the sniper gets them anyway. No one sees the accident and the owner of the car never even knows it’s missing. The person is burned and ashes poured into a fireplace. All documents and memories of them are destroyed. Well lucky this isn’t happening to you…wait, what’s your name again?

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