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September 3, 2013
By LibertyNessie BRONZE, Griffin, Georgia
LibertyNessie BRONZE, Griffin, Georgia
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-- Beowulf is a kenning for the Anglo-Saxon word, "Bears"


Beowulf fights 3 different monsters...

The first is Grendel, a troll-like monster raining terror on tons of villages and towns. He won this one by his
strength and agility. Proving himself to be worthy of a sword.

The second is Grendel's mother, also very troll-like of course, but also beautiful in her certain ways. He won
this battle by a longshot, he was very close to losing. His weakness of falling for her neverending "beauty". This
resulted in a close loss.

The third battle is the Dragon, a scaly lizard that Beowulf steals from. This battle happens at least 50 years after the
battle with Grendels mother. This was the battle that finally denied Beowulf his fate of "glory in battle". This was te first
battle that he had ever lost. A new hero named Wiglaf protects Beowulf, but doesn't succeed in keeping him alive. In the
end, Beowulf dies a tragic death.


-- The obvious language of this story is "Old English", a known "Anglo-Saxon" Language.

-- The symbol of this story is the Golden Torque and the Banquet


Beowulf Plot/Summary

At the beginning of time and creation, 2 brothers, Cain and Abel, lived peacefully, until Cain murdered Abel cold-heartedly,
starting a curse and blood-feud of kin-murder. This kin-murder was passed down generation after generation, for the murder
had split the bloodline into 2 groups: Abel, whose decendants were human, and Cain, whose decendants were cold-hearted
and monstrous, even sub-human.


Character Information and Facts

Abel: From the old testament, he is the brother of Cain, also killed by Cain, progenitor of mankind and humanity (goodness).

Beowulf: A mythical son of Edgetho, Higlacs nephew and follower/bound warrior. Later turned to the King of Geats, born
A.D. 495, traveled to Denmark to rid of Hrothgar's Herot of Grendel in 515, and later accompanied higlac on an expedition
against the Franks and Frisians in 521. He also became King of the Danes, befriended Beowulf's father, which explains
Beowulf's journey to aid Hrothgar in ridding Denmark of the monster Grendel.

Beo: A Danish King, son of Shild and Healfdane's father.

Cain: From the old testament, 'the progenitor of all evil spirits', brother to Abel, whom he killed against the will of God, and thus
was cast out of humanity and earth forever.

Edgetho: Beowulf's father, who was a renowned warrior and married to Beowulf's mother, Hrethel's only daughter.

The author's comments:
I just felt that many of you people may need this. :) I just got done with a project dealing with this topic :) I hope this helped you!

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