dreams that maybe at ac..

September 30, 2008
By dakota hudson, Jonesboro, AR

It was a normal day at school…

When all of a sudden, there was an explosion! All of the sirens were going off at once! This could only have one possible explanation. Someone was daydreaming! (Duh-duh-daaaaah) who could be doing this?! I thought. Everyone ran into the hallway, yelling and screaming! Everyone was going which way and the weak were getting tossed around like rag dolls. Peoples’ voices were so loud that they carried for miles. Everyone evacuated the school…. Well not everyone.
“ I could just save this school!” I said. “I just have to fight this person’s imagination with fire!” There were cartoons all about the school! Even a hero looking banana yelling “senior space banana!” I ran over to where the fire extinguisher should be and pulled out a power up and tossed it in the air. I waited for a few seconds saying “come oooooonnnnn. Come ooooonnnnn!” Then I hit it with my head and turned red and white. Flames erupted from my hands! I said “yes!” to myself quietly.
I threw a fireball and it was like a bouncy ball, but with fire! I battled trough laketu, gumbas, and men in white plastic suits, carrying guns, with permanent frowns on their faces to get to the source of all of this. But at last I found the epicenter of the problem. There were many cartoons here! But unlike the other ones, they were peaceful. Until I lit one of them up, then they all came at me like a pack of hungry spider monkeys! It took me fifteen minutes to battle through all of it! Slinging and slashing to achieve my mission. But at last I had found him. He was a man with a pickaxe for a nose. But I thought at the time that it was imaginary, it was not. He was on the verge of sleeping and none of us wanted that! By the looks of him he had done homework all night. Some more of his creatures burst through the door! So I slapped him and he woke up and everything was as it should be.

Until next period at least.

The author's comments:
one of the people that goes to my school, spencer, inspired me to write this.

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