The Hunter

September 30, 2008
Excerpt 2: The Hunter
Snow began to fall, The Hunters moon waxed round the winter sky. The Snow was fresh, so far as he could tell. His long slender elven ears made him sharp and inquisitive in the ways of the hunt. Then he saw what he and his troop had been coveting all winter: A buck. His Horns were long and contorted round his head and only 40 yards away. 40 yards away. If I can only get in range of it, he thought then I can bring it back before the snow falls to much. It didn't, the sky was clear and the moon had the air of a Cheshire Cat smile. Slowly and swiftly, The hunter had moved from his position from a large Oakwood. Suruptiously he made it to where he only had to twang his bow and the buck would all be his. Do I shoot or wait? he thought, he thought this anxiously. Without a word he sprung his bow back, heard it twang ,proceeded by a loud THUMP! Following by a loud cheering from the others and then the feeling of being raised and carried back to camp. This was his first buck and it would be celebrated with victory, and it never had been sweeter.

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