True Lave at Last, Maybe

September 30, 2008
At last, the first day of High School. I am a junior. I know that I can get though the year with my best friend, Jake Lester. I know that he is my best friend, but I like him- scratch that- I love him! Therefore, when I got to High School and settled in, I went to look for Jake.

When we saw each other, we ran up and hugged each other. I liked it. When he let go, he smiled. Therefore, I smiled back.

“The first dance is coming up in a month,” Jake said, “Do you want to go together?” I blushed. My heart raced. I wanted to scream that Jake would actually ask me!

“Yes,” I exclaimed. That surprised me.

“Do you want to go to lunch?” Jake asked me.

“Sure,” is how I replied. They stood in line and got their lunch. Jake got macaroni and cheese, while I got a bean and cheese burrito. They walked over to the waterfall fountain and sat down.

I said, “Today is a nice day to eat outside, huh?”

Jake answered, “Yes it is.” They continued to talk and when they were though, they went back to their dorms.

First thing I did when I got back to my dorm, was tell Sarah, Nikki, and Kaylee what had happen today at lunch with Jake. Then Kaylee drove us to the mall. We went to several stores to find a dress. Some of the dresses I have tried on I liked, but they did not have my size! Kaylee and Sarah pointed out a dress, but I did not have the money for it. Nikki loved a dress, but again they did not have my size. At last, I saw a dress. It had a ray of light around it; I could have sworn that I heard voices singing when I saw it. I picked up the dress and tried it on. Finally, we found a dress that fit, in our budget, and when Jake sees me in this HOT, sexy dress, it will blow him away. It was purple with some sparkly little gems all over it. I took the dress off and we all stood in line with the dress to purchase it. The line was long! I guess every one was out looking for their prom dress; at the same time! We purchased the dress and went home.

When we got back to our dorm, I hung up the dress and went to bed. I dreamt of what would happen at the dance. I dreamt that she had a good night. I thought what she would do if it was bad. Then I woke up.

When I woke up, I thought to my self, that was an interesting dream. I jumped into the shower, for a 10 min. shower to wake me up, and got dressed to go eat breakfast. It was quite good. After I was done, I went to first period. Then I bumped into Jake on the way to 2nd period.

He asked me, “ Did you find a dress yet?”

“Yes,” I answered.

Then I asked, “Did you find a tuxedo yet?”

“Yes I did,” Jake said cheerfully.

“Bye Ashley,” Jake said.

“Bye Jake,” I said. I went on with the rest of the day normal.

ONE MONTH LATER. The dance is tonight! I got dressed in my purple dress and waited till Jake picked me up. Then we went. When we got there, we danced. We were having a blast, then all of a sudden, a slow song came on.

So he asked me , “Would you like to dance?”

“I would be delighted to dance with you,” I said.

We danced the night away. Then a question came up.

“Would you like to go out some time,” Jake asked.

“Yes,” I exclaimed.

We hugged. It was the best day and night ever!

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anymous said...
Apr. 9, 2009 at 3:12 am
that was beautiful
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