September 30, 2008
By Andria McMillen, Seminary, MS

Goosebumps rose on her skin. It was as though a tiny bottle, fighting explosion, contained her every emotion deep inside of her stomach. Her face showed no expression. Her best friend, Kendra, was trapped under the arm of a random guy with a gun. She saw Kendra's desperate strain to get loose. She wanted so badly to escape to what had been, from every experience, their worst nightmare.

Anna, still completely petrified and totally emotionless, couldn't find the will to move. She refused to run; only to leave her best friend to die, though it seemed no matter what she did, the outcome would end the same. She took a step back, mentally, to review this whole situation. After Anna convinced Kendra to the best of her abilities to sneak out to a late night concert, she used all her effort only to reach that point; this stranger met them by a bridge in an abandoned park only, yards away from the concert. He pulled out a gun forcing it to Kendra's temple after grasping his arm around her neck, and that's where they had ended up.

Now she stood in pure despair. Their once joyous mood had drastically declined. Anna had desperation to be in Kendra's spot, so that Kendra could run. She was willing to do anything for that one little switch. All at once, Anna's world began crumbling down into nothingness with an awful crack. She knew this to be a gunshot, or to put it into context, her best friend's life. This was the absolute worst noise in the universe, and she couldn't have come to reality at that moment if she had wanted to. Opening her eyes that had painfully closed at that noise she saw Kendra's cold, lifeless body lying there in the grass. The man had apparently fled. Her legs became weak to a point she couldn't feel them, and she fell to her knees. Cradling Kendra’s dead body in her arms all she could do is wonder "why?” That thought became a whisper, then a hiss, and before she knew it she found herself screaming "Why? How can I go on? God, Why?"

Anna was to never know why that man did what he did, but she blamed herself. That night she slept by her friend’s dead body and spent the majority of the next day there. She couldn't feel her body to move or even speak. The cops found them, but Anna never spoke a word. She was institutionalized, went absolutely crazy, and slit both her wrist. They say after being the fault of her friends death she was to watch herself die in agony, she thought she deserved nothing more than Hell itself.

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