September 30, 2008
By Andria McMIllen, Seminary, MS

She frantically snapped her head from side to side. Was he coming? She was on the run. His hands were cold and brutal. She fell to her knees at the notice of safety, breathing so heavily she wasn’t sure she could move if she wanted to.
Only moments ago she stood in the darkest alley in town. So much on her mind, she climbed out her window for a dull walk during the chill of the night. Spotting the alleyway, she saw an opportunity to just simply sit and shed her tears. Never crossed her mind, we’re the dangers of the city.
A man, dressed darkly, stood about six foot from the ground, stepped roughly to her presence. Fear overcoming strength she realized what he wanted. His strong fingers braced her fore arms, forcing her to the ground, with so much shock she barely made a sound. He tried to undress her, but her once delicate, fragile legs, threw him off. For during a time like this, she knew nothing to do but pray.
Then, a mere thought was not to catch her head, but now it all came rushing to her. The understanding of everything began to unfold before her eyes. Though she had barely noticed it then, God had saved her life. Standing in the middle of the city streets, surprisingly not a car to be found, she knew he would have killed her. She knew she had no which strength she had just portrayed. Before know she had never known her soul to be the Lords, but now she saw.
Then, only seventeen, raised in an innocent home, she would have never found an urge to study His word, but now, a grown woman from a single experience, she found her heart in Christ. Let this Anecdote teach you a lesson, and learn from her mistakes, rather make the same.

The author's comments:
I like to write about reality. Harsh, brutal, reality. In almost every piece of mine, I portray strong emotion, and a dramatic message. If there is anything in this world I could do to change a life, it would be to write.

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