September 30, 2008
In away we all have the basic wants and needs. We all want to be loved, sheltered, food, and clothing. The one thing we want more than anything is love. We want that someone who’s going to take care of us to the end of time. We all want that but very few of us actually get it.


I’m a regular twenty-five year old. I currently work for the San Francisco Gazette. Who would have thought a southerner. I enjoy my job as much as one person could enjoy something of this nature. I have great friends the king that most people would die for.

It was last night when I had a dream. It was one of those dreams when you feel like your running out of time. Well mine would be classified under that category. It was about not finding that guy the mystery person the one of your dreams the person you thought was impossible to be real in a non-perfect society. And like most dreams as rapidly as it comes it goes and you awake in a sweat. Wrapped in the fear of not finding him. So as I slowly awoke, I got in to my morning routine. When all of a sudden I did something impulsive. I called my boss and said “Mr. Stickler I’m really ill I’ve come down with some type of virus.”, and he said “I understand come back when well.”, which actually shocked me. I mean he’s not a mean old bitter as people may portray him as he’s just strict. He has to be to get the San Francisco Gazette out everyday.

I blamed my impulsive action on the fact that life is to short do the same thing everyday. After I was dressed I headed out on my journey. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but that I was going to find it.

I headed straight to the Golden Gate Park. I always found peace and tranquility there even when I was in the midst of a deep dark depression. However, I had no idea what it was about the park that made me feel this way. I guess maybe it was the laughter of the happy families. The dogs and their masters playing fetch. The elderly just trying to enjoy what was left of their lives and those you who have been married for fifty years and you can still see how much they love each other. The kind of love you envy and sometimes makes you sick at you stomach.

I spent the next three hours just sitting on one of many benches hoping what I was looking for would just fall in to my lap but that didn’t happen. I guess life is suppose to be hard. So I slowly arose up from my bench and walked until I finally chose my next destination. Which turned out to be Subway just for a little snack. Then like a lost puppy I walked around town. Before deciding to get in my car and head home. It was 4:00 p.m. time sure does fly. When I reached my home and opened the door. I saw what looked like my house I could tell that nothing had been touched or moved since I left it. I went over to my recorder I had over twenty missed phone calls and fifteen messages. I was shocked, as I listened to the messages. It had filled me up with happiness and made tears that fell down my face escaping from my eyes I had found it.

I couldn’t believe how blind I had been before. I had been looking for love but I couldn’t find it because I always had it. I had people who loved me more than I had ever known was possible. It wasn’t just from one person but from many. Love doesn’t have to come from just one person. Its strange how love works but I guess love is the closest thing we have to magic. That’s why we are so desperate and determined to have it.

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