The Lake

October 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Saturday, every kid’s favorite day of the week. But, this was not any ordinary day for Lil Paco. It started off like a regular day would. That was until he went swimming. 7:00 the alarm went off. Lil Paco was excited. He ran down to the kitchen quietly, careful not to wake his parents. He threw some pop tarts into the toaster and poured a glass of milk. When the pop tarts were done, he shoved them in his mouth and drank the milk. He went back up stairs to get ready to go swimming. After waiting about a half an hour, he went down to the lake behind his house. He didn’t even check how the water felt before jumping in. It was just right. Lil Paco dove under water. While he was under water, something caught his eye. Something shiny! Lil Paco went down farther to try to dig it up. But the more he dug, the more the object seemed to descend. Lil Paco couldn’t hold his breath any longer. He pushed up, trying to reach the surface quickly. Finally he got to the top, but something was not right, and Lil Paco noticed it immediately. It was the wrong lake. The new land he was in was much more beautiful and peaceful. There were trees with the most delicious fruit on them and crystal clear streams. After all this time there has been a perfect land under his lake, and he didn’t even know. This was paradise, and only he knew about it. Lil Paco spent about two hours eating fruit and swimming. He almost forgot about his parents. He ran back to the lake and jumped in. he dove into the hole and went back home. When he got back to the right lake, he heard his mom calling his name. He got out and ran inside. He had big secret to keep.

During the next week, Lil Paco couldn’t hold in the excitement. It was Thursday and he was in English. English is Lil Paco’s favorite class. He gets to sit next to his friends, Alfredo and Nacho, and the teacher is really cool. While the teacher was talking, Lil Paco told his friends about the secret place, but told them not to tell anyone at all. At first, like anyone would, they didn’t believe it. So Lil Paco insisted on them spending the night, and they did. That night they went to bed early so they could get up. The alarm went off at 6:00 that Saturday. The three boys got up and put on their swim trunks, getting ready to go swimming. Nacho and Alfredo wanted to make sure Lil Paco wasn’t just dreaming when he said he had found something. Once they got in the water Lil Paco started looking around. He went under water and did not come back up. Alfredo saw something shimmering under the water while he was looking for Lil Paco. Both boys went down to check it out. They kept going down until they had to go up. When they reached the surface, the water felt so much better. When they opened their eyes, the sun was much brighter than before. It was different. They noticed Lil Paco sitting by a tree, eating a big fruit. They were amazed by the secret place. They got out and grabbed some fruit. After they finished eating, they went swimming in the streams for a while. When it was time to go, they jumped out and ran to the lake, heading home.

On their way home, Lil Paco, Alfredo, and Nacho sensed something was wrong. Dark clouds were gathering and soon it started to sprinkle and the wind blew hard. They hurried up trying to get home before it got to bad. But as they ran the rain got worse and lightning started. They ran to a close tree, hanging on so they don’t get blown away. Then lightning hit a tree, snapping a large branch off. Lil Paco realized it wasn’t so good to hang on to a tree. They laid down in an open field to avoid any danger. After a little bit, the rain died down and the wind stopped. The sun shown through where the clouds were dispersing, making every little bead of water glisten. It was a very beautiful sight. But Nacho noticed how much time they wasted, so they ran back to the lake, eager to get home. When they got back, Alfredo and Lil Paco found a big, flat rock to push over the hole. They had to keep the place a secret. No one could find out about it.

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