A Change in Life

October 6, 2008
By chase johanson, Jonesboro, AR

“Down set hut “ says Ian as he snaps the ball. Touchdown yells the referee as he scores the game winning touchdown. Everyone yells and cheers as Ian leads his team to victory. In the papers they call him Captain Comeback they called after he brought his team back by fourteen points. The next day at school everyone is around him congratulating him on his victory the night before. He gets his name on the record wall for his great game and is astonished by it. He brags all day about his game and acts his usual way a snob and a bully. When he gets home he is awarded the car he has always wanted for his great game , and for getting a letter from U. S. C. asking him to play on there team. When he wakes up the next the next mourning he can’t see a thing he can’t see the beautiful view he awakes to every mourning. He gets up and heads to the bathroom to take a shower, and runs right into his bedroom door he yells in anger. He hears a voice in his head “ You will not get your sight back until you start treating people with respect and kindness.” He gets ready with the help of his mother and goes off to school. When he arrives he runs into someone he doesn’t know and yells at them not thinking about what he was told that mourning. He gets to class late and is scorned upon by his teacher. When he gets up to leave class he trips and everyone laughs at him hysterically he gets up and takes it like a man. He leaves class and goes straight to the office to sign up for a class to help with the handicapped. He walks into the classroom
and gets laughed at by all the kids in there. He helps out the teacher in the class and then goes home because school is finally over. When he gets home he goes out with his mom to take him to the nursing home to converse and help the elderly. He gets home at 9 and goes straight to bed hoping to see in the mourning. When he wakes up he is awakened by the shining through the window coming off the water. He is happy that he can see again. He here’s the voice again and it says “You now have the ability to see now I hope you see in a new sense and treat people the way you would like to be treated.”

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