October 6, 2008
By Anonymous

She couldn't handle it any longer. It had been like this before, but just not as bad. This time it hit her like the stabbing of one thousand knives. No one cared, no one noticed and nobody felt her pain.
The screams played in her mind over and over again, slowly fading away. Images flashed back in her mid that were nearly as painful as the night itself.
Tears rolled down her pale face as she cried. Thick dark eyeliner covering her beautiful green eyes, long black hair down to her hips and stacked on foundation to hide away what she calls her ugliness....

[[That's Just A Start, Would You Want To Read On?? What Do You Think Of It?? How Should It End??]]

The author's comments:
Hey people. My name is Rebeckah, I'm 14 and i live in Australia. I would like to finish school and do a degree in Journalism. This is just something i did while i was in class mucking around... (=

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