The Mystery Man

October 5, 2008
By Lesaundra Lonidier, San Antonio, TX

It was a dark and spooky Halloween night in the little town of Apacheville. Like every Halloween, all the towns’ children were going to the, old haunted house for their usual Halloween activity. Which was daring some kid to go in to the house, and like usual, an adult would have to go stop the kid before the kid went in the old house.

Except this Halloween, night would be a night the children of Apacheville would never forget. For this night is the night a child went in to the old house and never returned. It started like it usual does, but this time the adults of the town all desisted to just let the kids learn the truth about that old house the hard way. That’s how they learned it.

The little girl named Saundra eased up the old dirt path to the house. She turned the doorknob and eased the old door open when all of a sudden a figure with a mask on appears, in the doorway. All of the children start yelling at her to run as fast as she can, but her Halloween costume kept making her fall. In one of those falls,she was knocked unconscious. He walked closer and closer to her so the children started throwing what ever they could at him, will some children went for help.

When the adults finally got there, Saundra’s mother ran up the path to save her daughter. Little did she know the man had a knife on him. When she lends over to pick up the Saundra, he stabbed her in the back. Then he grabbed Saundra dragging her back up the path and in to the house.

One of the adults called the polices to report a stabbing and kidnapping. When the polices showed up the Sheriff noticed that the injured women was his wife. When they told him who the mystery man took, he got so angry that he walked up the old path just to get his daughter.

When he got to the door he kick it in, and there the mystery man stud with the girl in one arm and a gun in the other. “Put the gun down and give me my daughter.,” exclaimed the sheriff.,” No, never.,” he yelled., “She doesn’t need to be brought in to what happened to our relationship in the past. What destroyed our relationship in the past. Brother.,” responded the sheriff.,” Please brother she all ready has to live with her uncle stabbing her mother don’t make her have to live with the memory of her only uncle kill him self.,” responded the sheriff.,” I now brother .I’m very sorry for stabbing our wife it was an accident I thought she was going to hart my only niece.,”he said.,” That’s all right she’s expected to live.,” informed the sheriff.

All three of them walked out of the old house together ready to live together as a family once again. In the little happy town of Apacheville.

Now every Halloween is different in that little town because now every year they throw a spooky Halloween party/ scavenger hunt in that haunted old house. That you enter if you dare. To be scared to death or you can be one of the people who is doing the scaring its your choose. Just watch out for all spooky things that can pop out that any time in that old haunted, and creaky boarded house.

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