9-11 Through The Eyes Of The Towers

October 1, 2008
7:14 PM on September 10, 2001, Mr. and Mrs. Towers, two glistening, enormous buildings in New York, New York, were sitting quietly, talking about what they would do the next day.

Mr. Towers said, “I think ill just watch the traffic tomorrow.”

“I might go shopping, or just stay with you.” Said Mrs. Towers.

Mr. Towers replied, “Ok, that’s fine, see you in the morning.”

Mrs. Towers whisperes, “Good night, love you.”

6:00 AM September 11, 2001: Mr. and Mrs. Towers were both getting ready for the day, Mrs. Towers was cleaning up and getting prepared for the day.

6:05 AM: Mrs. Towers said, “I think I will just stay home today, I don’t feel to well…”

Mr. Towers said, “Ok that’s fine I’m just going to chill out today.”

6:15 AM: 4 Terrorists wake up to board their planes.

6:45 AM: The terrorists split apart to their different planes.

6:52 AM: The first occupants of the towers start to arrive for the days work.

7:30 AM: American Airlines Flight 11 starts to board, and the first terrorist boards the plane.

7:43 AM: United Airlines Flight 175 starts to board, and the second terrorist boards the plane.

7:59 AM American Airlines Flight 77 starts to board, and the third terrorist boards the plane. Flight 11 departs Logan International Airport headed for Los Angeles International airport.

8:14 AM: Flight 175 departs Logan International Airport headed for Los Angeles International Airport.

8:20 AM: Flight 77 departs Dulles International Airport headed for Los Angeles International Airport. United Airlines Flight 93 starts to board.

8:22 AM: Mrs. Towers says, “Today’s a busy day, a lot of people are working today.

Mr. Towers replies, “You’re right, today is busy, good thing you didn’t go shopping…”

8:40 AM: The FAA notifies NORAD about the suspected hijacking of Flight 11.

8:42 AM: United Airlines Flight 93 departs Newark International Airport headed for San Francisco International Airport.

8:43 AM: Mrs. Towers asks, “Hey honey, do you see that plane over there, it sure does look like its heading right for us.”

Mr. Towers replied, “Yeah, what is that? It looks big too… How strange, just keep and eye on it.”

8:44 AM: Mrs. Towers screams, “Honey! Its coming right for us, its almost here!”

Mr. Towers called, “Honey I got you, hold on! Its about to crash!”

8:45 AM: American Airlines Flight 11 crashes into the north World Trade Center Tower.

8:45 AM: Mr. Towers squeaks, “Oh my God. Honey are you ok?”

Mrs. Towers mumbles, “Yeah… yeah I’m ok, I cant feel my chest…”

Mr. Towers replies, “It’s ok, just hold on, it should go away.”

9:01 AM: “Oh my God, is that another plane heading for us?” asks Mr. Towers.

“I don’t know, I see it too, honey, in case anything happens I just want you to know that I love you.

Mr. Towers cries, “Me too honey, me too.”

9:02 AM: “Here it comes, here it comes, here we go!!!” screams Mr. Towers!

9:03 AM: United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into the south World Trade Center Tower.

9:40 AM: American Airlines Flight 77 crashes into the west side of the Pentagon.

9:58 AM: Mrs. Towers asks, “Honey hold on, it will be ok, I love you.”
Mr. Towers replies, “I… I cant hold on much longer, I love you honey.”
Mrs. Towers yelled, “No don’t give up, you cant leave me!”
Mr. Towers mumbles, “I’m sorry, I cant hold on…Goodbye, I love you.”

9:59 AM: Mr. Towers collapses.

10:07 AM: United Airlines Flight 93 crashes near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after more than 40 people fought back and most likely saved many more people from dying.

10:10 AM: One of the Pentagon’s walls collapses.

10:28 AM: Mrs. Towers collapses.

Throughout the next day over 2000 people lost their lives due to this incident. Not to mention the thousands of others injured. Many people helped pick up the remains of Mr. and Mrs. Towers and they are always to be remembered.

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