The Teacher from China

October 3, 2008
Over the gray blunted mountains lie shrubs that I use to climb. Over the paths that lead cities to towns, there was a rural town where dragons used to be worship. This town was named Shi Guó Băo (十国宝). There grew an excessively intelligent boy named Wáng WÄ›i Huà (王偉華). He climbed the mountains and read books that he stole from King’s throne library. The town was poor, but efficient. Straw roofs and rock walls are just as common as when typhoons attack China. Each day, Wei would go to other towns and steal items and return them whenever he had no use for it. One day he went to the King’s Palace to return and borrow another book, he saw guards were everywhere near the gates.
He stopped and whispered to one of the managers selling dried squid, scorpions and sea horse.
“It was all peaceful and deserted yesterday;” he took a fresh cooked sea horse and asked, “What happened here?”
The manager responded, “You know how the King can’t stand men and women reading books without permission?”
The manager took the sea horse right out of his hands and said, “No money, no eating.”
Wei sneakily sprinted to a nearby shrub that covered a hole as big as a full grown boar. He jumped in and returned the books and took the new volume and hid the hole with a pot. The guards came in to search anything that had moved. The guards had only spotted an ancient book that was folded on the pages, while Wei was under the pottery listening to the guards.
“The boy had done it again, he has crossed the line.” the guards ordered, “Go tell the king that we are burning the books.”
The guards walked out of the library as they burned the rest of the books into the flaming fiery pit in the center of the palace. The guards burned each book one by one, ashes after ashes. The books that turned to ashes fell, horror filled Wei’s eyes. He quickly dove into the hole and covered the hole with the pot. Wei got out and was surprised to see guards running outside of the Palace. He ran back home and saw doors being knocked down, broken pottery, and ashes flying overhead. His whole town has been wiped out Bodies lay there like dolls. Burning Buildings that looked like monsters in cages; raging to get out and devour every thing they could see. Wei escaped town taking all had that. He left town and burned gold papers representing money of the heavens to those lives that people had lost.
Wei traveled to a port that he saw in an ad, this port saves people free rides to go to Jiā Lì Fú Ní Yà (加利福尼亞). He needed a new life; it boarded the ship unaware that he was on his way to California. The boats name was Sing Fat Co. which the captain told the he citizens was going to United States, California. Wei was shocked when he heard this; his plans were to go to a new town to find better jobs.
He thought, “What is the use to finding jobs if no one speaks Chinese there?”
As they traveled to California the boat entered the eye of the hurricane. Suddenly, the winds had blown the boat into a new course. Wei thought that he wouldn’t have to go to United States so he happily jumped up and down. He didn’t believe that the captain had been sailing seas more than Wei expected and have more star pinpointing knowledge. Next the boat sailed into a port that was part ship, part town. The Ship moved in and the boats are connected together to migrate. The port moved slowly and was designated to go to Sing Fat Co. which was also in California. While Wei was sleeping, the port moved slowly and looked like a train moving on water.
The next day the port hit land. Wei ran outside to see where the ship had landed. He saw a whole town, filled with buildings that looked like palaces. The new country that he saw was nothing compared to his rice-rich town. Looking at the building at first sight was like seeing the King’s palace shine again. Suddenly a person bumped into him, it reminded him of the rural streets with guards going to get the burglars. He found a map that a thief dropped. It was about to rain and map helped him find a good place to stay. When he got in to the hotel he met a set of kids sitting at the lobby trying to learn Chinese.
Wei came to the kids and said, “Hello, how are you?” The kids only understand those words and the teacher was frustrated with them. He suddenly had a great idea. He would teach kids of how life and culture work in China. The hotel owner offered a good wage for teaching the kids Chinese, as well as room and board at the hotel. Wei was given another opportunity to have the books that he bought over from China. Ultimately, Wei had found the life that he chose. He learned that everything is determined by destiny and nothing can change that. He been teaching Chinese to all the students he can see. 5 years later, he had enough money and English education that he was ask to be the King’s educator. The King that destroyed his town had been assassinated, and his kind brother became the king. The King had invited Wei to the king’s palace. He had taught the king everything and he became rich and lived in the palace forever.

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