October 2, 2008
By Megan Giles, Farmingville, NY

The sound of a heart breaking.
The sound of a heart shattering for a second time.
She knew more than enough about broken hearts. Her first crush asked out her friend. The second she ran into while he was holding hands with his girlfriend.
It was supposed to be fate that he, a year older than her, hadn’t graduated. She had only walked into him every day of the previous school year and searched the yearbook right up to the very last page to find out what his name was.
And then, to discover that he would still be in her school after the summer was over, fate seemed the more probable reason for his existence.
But then to see him with his girlfriend, relaxed and smiling…. Just a chance or more of the evil thing called fate? She had never seen him in that hallway before.
Either way, it ruined her day. Her heart shattered upon the impact of that sight and the pieces travelled throughout her body for the following hours. Their sharp edges made it hard to breathe and gave her pains in her stomach.
Well, at least it was a clean break. One random glance killed all her hopes and dreams at once, unlike the first heartbreak that had left her aching for days. Clean breaks healed fast.
Or maybe not…

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