Ninja Revenge

October 2, 2008
By **AL** BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
**AL** BRONZE, Flower Mound, Texas
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Why was I here, you ask? This place is deserted, but also my favorite. Every time I come, memories spill into my head as the river rushes towards the end of the earth in a magnificent waterfall. When I was younger, I used to scamper playfully across the forest green, tree filled mountains. I loved to sprint across the water, feeling the moss squish under my feet. This was about five years back, when I had my family to live and grow up with. This forever misty land contains many exciting and memorable thoughts…but also ones that I wish could wash away. In this very place where I had been brought up, thinking I was safe for eternity, was also the exact place where my parents and two sisters were bound together and swept away from me. Jet black ninjas appeared out of nowhere. They were furious and fast as lightning, darting across the sparkling water, sky and trees. Left alone, I only had five friends, Al, Shil, Lei, Ra, and Bry. Each one has a special gift…thankfully I still keep in touch, although I lost contact with Bry for what seems like an eternity ago. Together, with my friends, I, Jessica, will complete the project that has been anxiously awaited. That plan, is project R: Revenge.

And thus, here I am at the place I was born. I went on reliving the past, my bright green eyes which are now dull fluttered, and gently drifted to a close. My hair is sunny yellow accompanied with my pale skin that turns strawberry red easily. My mother used to complain all the time that I had a smart mouth and was way too bold and emotional. I have changed a lot since that last dreaded day with them.

Remembering this helped me come up with a more efficient way to fulfill the project. I could defeat them with their greatest enemy …themselves, and I will declare war. As the saying goes, “If one cannot defeat their enemy, join them,” or something like that. I’ll join them all right…but then turn on them! It was time to get a hold of my dear friends and tell them my plan.

Something special linked the five, and me, together. We all have magical rings connected allowing us to see a hologram of each other while talking. As each girl flickered into sight I could see their features as clear as ever. Shil, with her curly black hair set in a ponytail, her tall figure was sprawled on the bed. Ra’s shoulder-length brown hair bounced as her lean body marched from store to store. Al and Lei were gazing about a chocolate factory. Al’s long black-brown hair glided down way past her waist compared to Lei’s silky black hair which only slid past her shoulders slightly matched with her short height. I spoke first.

“Guys, emergency…I need your help!” I then explained every detail of my brilliant (or so I thought) idea.

“You’re gonna what?!” Ra blurted right after I finished.

“You’re insane! Joining them? What are you thinking?” Al and Shil questioned.

“I completely agree with them, Jessie. Us becoming ninjas? Absolutely absurd.” Lei scolded. I couldn’t believe it..why??

“Remember we agreed we’d always lend a hand to any friend? Come on, it'll be fun. We used to play ‘ninja attack’ every day.”

As a result, begging like a madman made them finally give in. Al and Lei planned to take a private jet while Shil and Ra would arrive by boat. But Bry wouldn’t be there…I miss her so much. As soon as I let my thoughts linger, there I was sending a message to Bry's ring which hopefully hadn’t been destroyed.

We were dressed to kill, looking like high-tech super secret ninjas after our shower of hugs and ‘I miss yous’. My private jet was ready to take off any second now. Scurrying like feeble mice, we entered the ninja cove. The jet roared loudly as it took off, headed to our destination.

About two hours later, we actually entered the air and land of what we renamed, Ninja Island. This was where we put our gifts, or powers, to the test. As expected, many obstacles greeted us…but in forms we least expected. From behind a tree, I spotted a minuscule rabbit-kitty type animal. Slowly, the creature fully appeared and began to coo softly while I gently touched its fur…luring me into its trap. I had no idea what was occurring, except that it happened as quick as a wink. The animal transformed, growing fangs, bulging green eyes, and razor-sharp claws. The girls saved me just in time with Ra using her lightning tree climbing skills.

“You better watch out Jessie…you could’ve been dead meat,” Ra warned before moving on.

Every moment following that, I was alerted and on guard. Suddenly Lei saw an old woman pushing a cart and having trouble. Based on instinct, Lei immediately dashed down to aid the grandma. We watched carefully and were ready to make a move any time if danger appeared. In the next instant, Lei was experiencing a terrible ride in a shopping cart... the lady cackling evilly. Our reaction was too late. Lei splashed into a wide pool of freezing water. She didn't was five whole minutes until her head popped out. Only then did we realize that Lei had the ability to breathe underwater. Many of our powers could come in handy soon.

It seemed like we walked a million miles until the Black Palace of Ninjas was spied. Jenny and her partner Cathy Neil were the head of the ninja clan... exactly who we needed. My friends don't know, but I brought along Gilbert, my spy rat. With him, we were able to enter the castle unseen and find the control room. No one was there, but the TVs were all flickering with life. In the group of prisoners, I noticed four familiar faces. My real family! Careful not to get too pumped by seeing their soft brown eyes dazed, I observed some more ones with the leaders I was searching for. As we left the room to rescue my parents and declare war, I glanced back at the rows of screens...and saw something that I thought looked peculiar. I ignored the feeling and we lined the walls like agents.

At first, we pretended we were part of those ninjas, but to tell you the truth, they freaked me out. Everyone spilled through the doors into a colossal crowd. It would take forever to get through, so Al used her long braids to fly up like a helicopter with me grasping her feet.

“We are ninjas from another island. We have seen your evil acts,” I announced, “And now are going to put them to an end! I declare war!!”

Right when I uttered that word, every ninja raced towards us in streaks of black. Meanwhile, we, though inexperienced, smacked the life out of almost every single one. One was still standing. Then, as if on cue, she sprinted towards us, knocking Shil off her feet. The ninja's determined brown eyes reminded me if something, bringing back flashbacks. As she fled by me, I snatched her head covering and it ripped off...revealing a face I knew too well from loooong ago. The fighting stopped and everyone was dead silent. Us, well we were standing there like statues, petrified and filled with shock. Who knew that of all the places in the world, it had to be this one, where we discovered Bry...after all those years.

I almost fainted, but Bry didn't show any hint of emotion. I figured they must have messed with her mind, so I asked Shil for assistance. Telepathy had always been a dream for me, but for Shil, it was reality. In seconds, Bry turned from an emotional glum to an ecstatic clown.

“I cant believe my eyes!...Af...after all...” Bry collapsed in a bawling heap. Al, Lei, Shil, Ra, and I gathered around comforting her with tears piled up in our eyes. With no warning, a laser was shot within millimeters of Al's ear.

“Sorry girls! No time for emotional breakdowns...I still need to save my family! Welcome back, Bry.” I called.

Bry led me to the captives' rooms while the others stayed to back us up if trouble came. Bry seized my family herself so I wouldn't turn to a puddle of uselessness. One after another, events played out as if we were on fast forward. The five raced toward safety, finally leaving me alone with the pack representatives. I threw fist after fist until my anger had vanished ...but then as I threw my last kick, I saw the final look on their faces...sorrow. Instead of joyous revenge, pain and guilt re-filled me. Just beside the lifeless girls was the body of Gilbert, the only one who was always near me, and the one I had lost.

I soon caught up with my other companions, seeing Bry as fast as a bullet, Al's spinning hair of doom, and Shil's deathly fire. The powers meant nothing now. For the rest of the ride home, no one muttered a single word, and it kept that way until the reunion back at my home.

Hours must have passed with me hugging my whole family of four in a tight bear hug. Then the gentle sound of my mother's voice spoke as sweet as the ring of a bell.

“Tell me everything we've missed these five years.”

I could tell nothing. Gilbert was the only thing that came to my mind. So... I tried to speak about him.

“I...lost...gilbert...” I sobbed quietly. “It's...all my fault actually. I had no idea this would happen, but I still could've reacted wiser.”

All of them started to support me by saying things like, “you couldn't have known” or “it was fate, not you”. Inside, I wanted to think that what they said was true...but I knew it wasn't.

“Don't worry. I now know that war is never a solution to any problem. By losing gilbert, it made me realize how dumb I was acting. I finally understand.” I insisted.

This time, there was no need for words, for our faces said it all. Enormous grins spread across our mouths. It's really true...if you smile, then the world can't help but smile with you.” ^_^

The author's comments:
Just a little laugh...this piece was completely out of randomness, but it does have some type of lesson...if you can figure it out...^_^ haha

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This article has 2 comments.

GracieGoose said...
on Oct. 6 2008 at 3:21 am
Nice! Love how u used yourself as main character!;)

chuckroast said...
on Oct. 4 2008 at 7:40 pm
Great use of imagination. A "outside the box" work. Good job!

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