The Empty Milk Bottles

October 2, 2008
By Matthew Peskanov, East Northport, NY


“Well, that’s the last of them.” sadly said Staples. “Damn!” the other two screamed. “Again nothing to do.” Scotch replied.
Having no more eggs to throw at cranky civilians’ windows they strode on, moaning and acting as if death had come of them. “How about we go and rob Mark’s Market!” said Einstein. “No! We aren’t going to listen to cruddy ideas of fun!” screeched Scotch.

Scotch, Einstein, and Staples were nicknames they called each other for traits that they had. Scotch would steal alcohol from his dad’s stash, Einstein was a sarcastic way of calling him dumb, and Staples had injuries anywhere you can think of with staples injected into them.
They were slumps out of high school having nothing to do, but wreck their town. They were an unwanted gang. A gang called the “Empty Milk Bottles”. Empty meaning stupid, Milk meaning they flowed around town not knowing where to land or to go, and Bottles meaning just objects lying around someone’s garbage or town.

They thought what they were doing was not wrong, but revenge for hatred, hatred being wasted upon some kids that didn’t have the right way of life, not even being asked for help. Just empty milk bottles lying around town that were wasted.

They were not even wanted by their parents, “Another human wasted” Einstein’s dad would say to him, referring also to him. As Einstein would sit on his bed he stared at a picture of his family taking a vacation in Florida. With Mickey patting him on the head everyone was smiling. Of course he was about five not knowing about things now he knows that he wishes he didn’t. Such as his mother suffering from cancer, or his dad growing a drinking habit from depression. Einstein was hurt and didn’t know what to do. So he joined some friends who were in his English class who just thought about life the easy way, not listening to a word his teachers spoke. He didn’t know if it was the right thing, but had to have some friends to help him, support him. On an average day Einstein’s mom just couldn’t fight much longer. Einstein did everything he could, comfort, support, encouragement, and even love. Although he thought his family was very corrupted it didn’t matter at that point. It was over. His younger years were his best and as he got older he wished for to push a rewind button on his life, but remembered the remote had no batteries and there were none in sight.

So he ran away from his home knowing his dad was an alcoholic and a man with no emotion for Einstein. Probably not knowing he existed. He ran to the nearest alleyway crying until his sleeve got too damp. As time went on his friends came across this alley and found him on the ground. “Hey! How you doing?” asked Scotch. “Fine.” replied Einstein not wanting to show his true thoughts. “Come on guys lets throw some eggs at windows!” said Staples. That’s how it began, that’s when wrong began.

Why am I the one who has to be unlucky and have everything lost inside of me? Why can’t I be rich or even famous? Einstein could not get these thoughts out of his mind for he himself knew it was truth and the truth must be faced. Well at least I’ve got my friends here beside me, picking me up when down. But are they true friends and will I ever find out?

As the three would walk around the neighborhood bored, as they would usually be, they were silent most of the time, not talking, not knowing their path. No bursts of any foolishness, no fun. Fun was not available in their dictionary, and not available in the thesaurus. Not having a meaning, not a word. All you would hear would be the tussling of the pebbles being kicked around by themselves and the chatter of the public around them. Not even a cough would they, make.

As they looked at each other suddenly realizing their walk had soon turned into a travel. This land did not look familiar.

They had walked farther then they would accept to. With a sudden look of curiosity, Scotch, had begun to take look at this land. It was like a forest, but with much larger trees. Shocked, Staples said, “Where in the world are we?” “Oh no, were lost! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Einstein screamed. “Would you shut up?!?” asked Scotch “Not possible at the moment” replied Einstein. “Everybody calm down!” Staples demanded being the only smart one in this conversation. “Now, should we go in?” he said again. “You first.” Einstein told Staples finally being as calm as a spring lake with nothing touching it, nothing even with contact with it. As they went in they saw darkness, for it was night, not seeing danger. As it (danger) should’ve appeared, they held a shield of trust, which made them invulnerable to any danger of which I speak.

“Why are there no animals?” Einstein would ask. “Not a clue.” Scotch told. “Maybe there are aliens in this forest.” Staples said always being interested in the E.T (extraterrestrial). “Shut it Stapes, I don’t believe in that junk. It ain’t true,” said Scotch with, may I add, very bad grammar. It’s a bunch of junk.” He thought. “Maybe you don’t believe because the C.I.A aren’t telling a bit of information.” Staples reassured. “Look! A light!” surprisingly screamed Einstein.

They stared at this beautiful sight as if it was sucking the life out of their tired souls, taking over their lives. Bright it was, illuminating the clearing they were traveling in. “Whoa.” Scotch said feeling not enough emotion to be thrilled, but spoke with a long w. “It’s brilliant.” said Einstein. “No it’s my Jeep headlights,” said a new voice, “What are you three kids doing out in middle of my land!” demanded the voice. The voice was very stern and angry. Neither one of them could speak feeling the thought of disappointment.

“So again, what were you three up to messin’ around, on my land?” said the voice, more aggravated. “We- we-wee- just was exploring the forest.” being the only brave one of the three, Einstein replied. “Yeah, well are you all new in the town?” the voice asked. “Well, we were just taking a walk, but we got pretty far and now don’t know our location.” Staples said. “Oh, but let me warn you all, that forest at night is even more ferocious then a man-eating-lion! It has power that’ll take the skin from your flesh. My son, John, had to go and get some fire for the fireplace to heat up our house. I warned him, but he wouldn’t listen,” claimed the voice. “Didn’t you try to stop him?” asked Scotch getting more and more in the story. “Nope, he was eighteen years of age, I trusted him with my heart and soul. So as time went on, he didn’t come out of the forest. I told my wife that I had to find him. She sobbed sadly, knowing this forest had eaten up her son. I knew it too, but needed strength so I thought he was ok, try to reassure myself. I took my axe and went off in the forest. Then there right in the clearing where you guys were, I saw my son, lying with a piece of fire wood stuck inside his chest.” The man started to weep as we sat down in his living room. His house was by the forest. “My wife had left me the next day because she thought I had murdered him. My wife could not trust my words. Here I am today sad as a lonely man could get.” The three of them could tell he still had images of the clearing with his son, dead. They felt very sorry for him. He made beds for them in the house and was even generous enough to cook them some food.

The next day the blinds flew up and sunshine poured through the room. “Rise and shine my friends, I didn’t tell you all last night but, my name is Bill, What are your names?” “Scotch” “Staples” “Einstein” Bill had started to laugh. “Ha, what very funny names.” Bill said. The four of them got along just fine as they lived in the countryside living the easy way. As, they preferred life to be.

As days went on for the three friends, it was boring and pitiful. If they had have gone back to their homes or even try to find them, life would be better. They
realized what would come of them. Probably they will live the rest of their life in this old countryside house on some very interesting land, the forest. The forest. What do they know about the forest? Yeah it may be haunted of some sort, but was that the naked truth. Yes a legend, yes a tale, but really is this forest what is said to be. They felt curious very curious, wanting to explore this forest in and out. At the mid of the dark starry night they fled in the forest, not knowing their consciousness. “Er… Staples where are we headed in this forest?” cowardly said Einstein. “Einstein, I seriously don’t know. If something happens, something strange, well think of the past, think of the… ah.” Staples had nothing to tell Einstein about something good to think about. “Staples, what have we done?” Einstein said. He had started to sob with a sense of hopelessness. “Exactly nothing Einstein, nothing.” Scotch answered to their conversation, “exactly nothing.” They had quit school and had been stupid as they ruined their lives, doing nothing, absolutely nothing. The trees above them had seemed to be listening. Scotch looked up at them. “Look! The trees!” They were leaning toward them, kneeling very slowly. Feeling controlled by a force Staples, Einstein, and Scotch took a branch and held on feeling no control of letting go. The trees were traveling somehow gliding throughout the thick night air, leading them somewhere, into the forest, very deep in the forest.

Suddenly the trees stop at a strong surprising halt. They were no longer a forest, but a field full of bright blinding light. “Welcome boys, we have been waiting for this moment,” said a very powerful voice. It was not a person, nobody in sight of them saying something. “Is this heaven?” asked Scotch, “are you god?” “God, no, Heaven, no. This is not a place just as you can say, nowhere. I am the hope, the hope which you all need to use so you can become the real you the good you.” “How? Ah how do we do that?” nervously asked Einstein. The other two were speechless. “You’ll see, but Einstein, I know about your parents,” the strong voice told. “And?” Einstein asked. Suddenly the brightness was fading. “And what? AND WHAT?!” Einstein quickly asked. It was over.

With a fierce jolt Einstein woke up finding himself in his bed back at his home. “What the heck just happened?” Einstein asked. “You had a bad dream honey, are you ok?” said a fairly known voice. Einstein turned. “MOM!” He got up and hugged her. “Are you ok Rodger?” “Yeah I’m fine just fine.” Rodger said. “Just a bad dream, just a bad future.” “A bad what?” his mother asked. “I mean just a bad dream,” replied Rodger. “Where is my little five year old?” asked also a fairly known voice. The man walked in. “Daddy!” he hugged his father. “What do you mean five years old?” Rodger asked. “Your 5 aren’t you Rodger?” The boy looked at his hands. They were very small. He could have screamed but then heard a very unusual strong voice in his head. “See Rodger, now you see.” “Come on Rodger, were going to Disney in a few hours, get ready,” said his parents. “Bring your camera were going to take pictures, Jane” the dad told his wife. Then again the strong voice said again, “do well boy, do well.”

The author's comments:
This is one of my earlier pieces of writing. Unlike some students, I enjoy to write. I am an active member of my school's newspaper club and I base all of my works on emotions that I under go in my life.

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on Oct. 4 2008 at 1:57 am
Nice character development. The writings ok, but the plot and the message you want to get across are made very clear towards the end. I LOVE the ENDING! VERY CREATIVE! And I like how you focused specifically on Einstein rather than jumping around on the other characters...I think the characters are very realistic and that people automatically judge other people without walking a mile in their shoes and you showed that through Einstein and his mother. I really thoughtfully enjoyed your story!


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