October 2, 2008
Jillian got into her car it was raining outside but not too bad there was lighting too. She was in a hurry because she was tired and hungry, she just had a long day at work. Jillian just wanted to go home to sleep and eat. It was dark outside. The way she goes home from work is a bunch of back roads. So as she was driving the storm got worse and she had to drive slower. Then there has a stop light and she stopped but kind of slipped which scared her. She had not seen any other cars since she started driving. Jillian them kept going and stopped at the next light and boom she heard someone bang on her bar and then all of the sudden there was a man sitting next to her with a gun and he said drive where ever I say and no one gets hurt. Jillian didn’t say anything but “okay”. She was shaking and she could not even cary because she was so scared. She could feel her heart beating faster than normal. Her hands couldn’t stop sweating. Jillian had always feared this would happen to her.

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