Trick AND Treat

October 1, 2008
By Ashlyn Webb, Jonesboro, AR

A week before Halloween, my “friend”, Cassie, announced that she was having a Halloween Party. Too bad she won’t let me go. She gave my invitation to Katie. This is all because I wouldn’t go to the mall with her two weeks ago. Cassie is the kind of person you don’t want to cross. If you wear the same shirt as her, she will make you change, and if you refuse to she will spill paint on you during art class. The reason I didn’t go to the mall with her that day is because I had a page report due the next day and all I had done were four pages. So, then she asked Katie to go with her and ever since then Katie is her new best friend. Even though I shouldn’t really care that she doesn’t like me anymore, I do, because I really want to go to that party because everybody is going to be there. Except me. So, I decided to throw a party of my own and sent an invitation to everyone except for Cassie and Katie. That made her furious! I told her that I would invite her, but only if she invited me to hers, but she said no. So when Halloween rolled around, everyone was talking about my party and Katie and Cassie were making up plans on how to crash it. At the last minute, before the bell rang. I walked over to them and stuck two invitations on their desk and when they read them, they gasped. The invitations read:

“The party on Halloween will be held at Cassie Nichols’ house. She thinks these invitations are to a party at my house. Do not let her know of this prank. If you keep this a secret I will give you each a candy bar in honor of Halloween, and the satisfaction of pulling a prank on Cassie and Katie.

When they were finished reading they looked up at me amazed. “Youv’e got you trick, now here’s your treat.” I handed them each a king sized candy bar and they both died laughing. They then invited me to their party and we all had a great time.

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