Joe's Baseball

October 1, 2008
By matthew schleder, Flower Mound, TX

On a warm, summer day in a rural place in Utah. The wind is whooshing; the cows are mooing, when an idea attacks Joe.

Joe is a large, flimsy guy, who is happy to be alive. He is playing in the yard when an idea of a game flies into his head. He gets out an old handheld ball and tosses it up in the air. When it comes back down, he catches it with his other hand. He finds a piece of a fence on the ground. At this time he throws the ball up and hits it. The first few tries, the ball goes nowhere. Though on the fifth try, he made the ball zoom through the air.
It went over his house and landed in a puddle. He thought to attempt and catch the ball after he hit it. Thus, the plan did not work so well. No matter how many times he tried, he wasn’t able to hit it straight up, drop the wood, and catch the ball. He figured he needed someone else. Though, only being thirteen and living in a rural place with parents that work. He didn’t have very many options of people who could play. He realized his friend, Craig. Craig was a small, wide kid, who is always bored. Joe called him on the phone and invited him over.

When Craig finally showed up, Joe immediately explained to him,
“Craig, I thought of a fun new game to play.”

“Sounds like another boring thing to do,” mumbled Craig.

“No, it’s fun, I’ve played it, but I need another person to play with.”
“Okay, I guess,” groans Craig.

“Then let’s go,” stated Joe.

Joe stole Craig to the backyard and walked him through the game.

“This is kinda fun,” Craig admitted after a while.

“But if you had to go somewhere after you hit the ball would be better.” Suggested Craig.

“How about pillows!” exclaimed Joe excitedly He sprinted in and grabbed some pillows. He took four of them and laid them out in a diamond formation. They played for a long time. It was the first time Joe had ever seen Craig smile. After about an hour of playing, they finally spoke together, “Everyone should infer about this.” For the next three hours, Joe and Craig spent tons of time talking on the phone explaining to people about this newly invented sport.

It wasn’t long until everyone knew about it, they loved it. Joe became famous as News reporters and cameras started coming to his house.

“All you have to do is think,” he once said, “And you can do anything.”

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This article has 1 comment.

bobbiej said...
on Oct. 5 2008 at 1:40 am
Great Story. I liked the characterization. Nice ending.


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