October 1, 2008
By Sarah Pagels, Eagle River, WI

Chapter One

Nick's car wasn't going. It was stuttering. Finally, the car got itself together. I have to hurry to get this letter to Oliver before it's too late, Nick thought to himself. He was speeding on the highway. The enclosed letter was to warn Oliver of the impending danger facing him of which was unkown to Nick.

Nick finally arrived to Oliver's house. Nick was running into the house and slid passed Oliver. "Oliver!" Nick panted, "I have a letter for you that you must read, now!"

Nick handed the letter to Oliver. Oliver opened the letter up to see what it said:

Dear Oliver,

Nick has just given you this letter. He believes it is a letter of warning for you, but you know other wise. Follow the instruction form the previous letter, and do what you are told.



Oliver started at Nick. "Here, have a seat Nick. I have to go get someting for you from my room," Oliver said calmly.

Nick watched Oliver go to his room. While Nick was waiting, he saw that Oliver left the letter by a lamp. Curious, Nick went to read the letter:

Dear Oliver,

Nick has just given you this letter. He believes it is a letter of warning for you, but you know other wise. Follow the instruction form the previous letter, and do what you are told.



Nick went white. He wasn't sure what it meant, but he knew nothing good could come from it. He saw Oliver come form the top of the stair case with something slivery in his hand. "Um, Oliver? I got to go, my, uh, uh, mom called. She needs some type of anti-age cream," Nick said nervously. Nick bolted out of Oliver's house.

Oliver suspected that Nick had read the letter. He rushed down the stairs and went through the fornt door. "NICK! THIS HAS TO BE DONE! I'M SORRY!"


Two bullets went to Nick's chest.

Chapter Two

"GSW to the chest..."

Nick didn't realize that he was in an ambulence till he heard the EMT say he had a gunshot wound to his chest. He started to move his eyse rapidly, trying to aborb what was happeneing. Nick started to fade. He could feel his body shuting down.

"Come on Nick! Stay Alive!" another voice he heard.

It was Lola, his girlfriend. he could barely see her, but noticed she had his blood all over her. Nick the again felt his body shuting down.



"Time of death, 11:11 P.M."

Chapter Three

Nick had looked into what seem a safe forest. As Nick was wakling in, he heard a rattle behind a oak tree. A small little child came out form behind. "Why, hello Nicolas! I have been waiting for you some quite time," the child said. Nick hasn't been called Nicolas since he was elven. The forest child just stared at Nick. "Why have you been waitng for me? How long have you been waiting?" asked Nick. The forest child again stared at him for a long time before it replied back, "Longer than you have been alive. I can not tell you why I have been waitng for you. That is why you must come with me." Nick was unsure if he really wanted to go. Why should I trust a small child of the forest, but then again, I could just go to see this thing, thought Nick. Nick decide to follow the forest child into the woods. After five hours him and the forest child came to a gate. "This is where I go and you come," the forest child said. "Wait? What's going on?" asked Nick.

"This is why I have been waitng for you for a long time, to take you to the Black Gate. I've done my duty, good-bye Nicolas." The forest child walked and became no more. Nick was standing in front of this tall black gate. He peered his eyes to see what was on the othersdie. "Hello? What the heck am I doing here? This is stupid!" Nick said aloud. A figure appeared in front of the gate as Nick was talking. "Nicolas, you have failed life and my instructions. You must now face two test to see if you are worthy or not."

"What? Ok, what's going on? Is this some type of joke?" Nick asked the cloaked figure. The figure did not respond. Then the dark figure reached threw the gate and touched Nick. Nick felt a sensation going threw his body. "What's happening?" Nick asked. He could feel all of the horrible things he has done in his life. He wasn't sure what was happening at all.

The figure had taken Nick to a sea shore where he was chained to a metal ball pleading for his life.

Chapter Four

"Please let me go!" cried Nick. Nick was soaked with the rushing sea water. A dark figure was standing in fornt of him. The figure was tall and skinny. "No. You didn't follow my directions," the figure said in a baritone voice. Another surge of water came over Nick. "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET ME GO!" cried Nick. The dark figure shook its head. "You did not follow my instructions. Now you must suffer the consequences."

Nick was crying for help. A gigantic surge of water brought Nick further into the tide. The Dark Figure came closer to Nick. The Dark Figure picked up the ball and chain around Nick, and threw him into the ocean's abyss

Chapter Five

"Why do want to know everything about me?" Nick had asked. Nick wasn't even sure where he was. He did know that it was dark, misty, and cold. The Dark Shadow started to talk again, "If you do not tell the Postion everything, you will be tourted and you will die."

"What is the 'Postison'? What does it want with me?"

"Everything, the Postition wants everything!" the Dark Shadow said.

Nick was trying to see how he could get out of his bondage, but with a sudden clash of electrity form the Dark Shadow, Nick went out like a light.

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