Kaci's Christmas

October 1, 2008
By Kaitlyn Montan, Flower Mound, TX

“Okay, class.” announced the teacher, “We all have 10 more minutes in class and I need your full attention.” All the kids were anxiously a waiting for the last bell of the day. It was finally December 19, 2008, the last day of school for this year. Kaci was so excited she was already counting the minutes. On one hand, it may not have been summer vacation, but it was winter vacation, and that was almost as grand.
“Well class since I can’t get your full attention and we still have five more minutes, you can talk quietly,” declared the teacher. Kaci rushed over to her best friends, Cammy and Izabell. Kaci, Cammy, and Izabell had been friends since before and of them could remember and did practically everything together. Most people said that they were stuck together like glue. They were like sisters but they all looked different. Kaci had long wavy, brown hair and had brown eyes as dark as chocolate. Cammy, on the other hand, had short blonde, straight hair with eyes that resembled the deep blue ocean. Izabell had curly red hair down to her hips, but had eyes that were so green they looked like the grass in a beautiful meadow. All three girls were almost the same size of five foot two.
“Hey girlz, what’s up?” questioned Kaci as she sat down next to them.
“Oh not much, I was just announcing to Izabell how much I’m going to miss both of you when I go to California for Christmas,” replied Cammy.
“Well we’re going to ……” Kaci almost finished but never got to because the bell rang and everyone, including her, rushed our of the school to finally arrive home. Meanwhile Kaci had to hurry home by herself because her friends were picked up by their parents. When she finally got home, her family was talking to a man that she had spotted somewhere before. She placed down her backpack that happened to still be as heavy as an elephant by the door and went over to say hello to her family. As she strolled inside the room she glanced again at the man and remembered why he was here. He was the man that came and asked for money, clothes, and toys to gibe to the people who didn’t have anything. She dashed upstairs to find something to provide for the poor. Kaci had been so overwhelmed with deciding what she wanted to receive for Christmas and thinking about winter vacation, that buying gifts to give to the less fortunate had been the last item on her mind. She glanced around her room. There wasn’t anything that she thought she could give. She was saving money for her equipment that she would buy, so money wasn’t an option. Also she needed all her new and old sports accessories and all her clothes still fit. Then she saw her letter from her grandmother. She scanned it and noticed the last few words: Christmas is a time to give all that you can.
“Yes,” Kaci realized, “that’s right.” That was all she needed to read. Her grandmother was right, I do have more that I need; I have to give him something. She grabbed a couple of items off her bed and raced downstairs.
“Excuse me, Mister; I just wanted to admit to you that I’m sorry that I forgot why you came here today until a few minutes ago. But I just now realized what I have to do today. I was wondering if I am able to give $100, these two adorable bunnies, and this basketball. And is there any way I can volunteer to work at a soup kitchen where you work?” questioned Kaci.
“I will have to see but thank you all and goodbye.” He said while leaving. By the look on her family’s faces she knew they were upset that she forgot, but delighted by what she had done for the poor. Luckily she ran outside before anybody could do or say anything. She went to Cammy’s house where Cammy and Izabell both were to tell them about how thrilling it felt to give to the poor.
Kaci yelled, “Cammy, Izabell, I need to talk to you!” Once there, she told her friends what had happened and they were thinking about giving too.
All throughout winter break Kaci worked at the soup kitchen with Izabell and had a blast. Her parents and her three siblings also went with them. On Christmas morning Kaci had a grand surprise.
“Oh my gosh,” Kaci cried. She couldn’t believe it! Her parents were so proud of what she did that they bought her extremely expensive soccer, volley, and basketball balls, even though she never stated that she wanted them. Kaci knew that this was the most amazing Christmas ever

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kelly said...
on Oct. 4 2008 at 5:19 pm
Great job! Keep writing those stories.


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