Maybe Next Time

October 1, 2008
“Samuel Nathan, Pablo Jacobs, and Ryan Parker will be up in the bottom of the ninth for the Seattle Mariners, shouted the announcer. This was the seventh, eighth, and ninth batters for the Mariners. It has been a close game, but the New York Yankees were up, going in to the home stretch. If the Mariners don’t win this game then they will not have a chance to make it to the Play-Off’s. To make matters worse the Yankees are the best team in the league, and if you think things can’t get any worse well, you’re wrong. It just happens to b a sold out crowd at the Yankees home field.

As the middle of the inning come to an end, the first batter steps up. The mariners really need this batter to make it on for the best pitcher for the Yankees is on the hill.

The ball came in at 99 miles per hour. Not even trying to hit it Samuel let it go by.
“Strike One,” declared the umpire.
The next pitch came zooming in but this time Sam hit the ball. It was an extremely hard line drive. The ball shot right in to the Third baseman’s glove. There was one out.
The next batter was Pablo. He was a husky man, taller than usual with a mustache. You probably think well if he is big then he can hit, he can hit, but he likes to bunt. The first pitch came in it was a lot slower than his other pitches. Pablo put down a drag bunt. It was beautiful, right down the line, not to far not to short. The pitcher can of the mound like lighting coming from the clouds. The pitcher bare-handed the ball and with the twist of his body flicked the ball over to first. It was astonishing to see how close the play was, but on instant replay Pablo was safe. With a runner on third, which was the tying run Ryan had to get him in to scoring position. Ryan was the worst hitter on the team, he also was the smallest player in the major leagues.
The first pitch was so fast that the catcher missed it. Pablo took off; rounding second he looked to take third base. Pablo was going for it. The throw was there, but to late. The umpire sped over.
“Out!” Acknowledged the umpire.
Pablo was clearly safe. The crowd was on their feet this bad call went to the Yankees side.
It was up to Ryan. The next two pitches were both curveballs that were strikes. With one ball and two strikes the pitcher wound up. The pitch was going straight at Ryan, then all of a sudden, with a sharp curve the pitch went straight down the middle.
“Strike three!!! The Yankees win, alerted the announcer on the radio.
The game was over, fans were let down people were mad, but what really mattered was there was a next year. Next year the team would come back to be better than they were this year, next year they would also want play back.

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