Mystery of the Shadow Girl

September 29, 2008
By quiadra williams, Jonesboro, AR

Terrified, I slowly back up into the shadow in the corner. My thoughts rushed through my head I had no time to scream for his hand cover my mouth and I felt like the littlest piece of dirt from the earth. “Don’t say a word or your dead” he whispered in my ear. Terrified I nodded my head. And then it happened.

Good morning Sidney, “How did u sleep last night?” I didn’t speak I just ate my cereal quickly and like that I was out for school.

Hey girl was sup you going to your man party tonight? DeeDee said to me.
“Girl I don’t know I had a rough night last night”.
“What happened victor got him some?”
“Girl whatever”.
You know I’m just playing with you girl well call me if you get to go.

“How was your day at school baby girl”?
“It was okay I guess but mom tonight victor’s having a party I was wonder can I go wit deedee and the girls”.
“I don’t know well have to see what your stepdad has to say ok”?

“You mean your want to be husband, I don’t like that man what you needs do is drop him”!

“I’ma drop you if you don’t close your mouth now get up them stairs right now for you be in some trouble young lady”.
“Huh .”

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