Haven City

September 26, 2008
By sam cripps, Jonesboro, AR

Jonathan woke up with a start. He can hear the sweepers rumbling through the street, shaking the window panes. Its one o clock, he can hear the screams of a poor soul found by the sweepers. Sweepers are machines that seem to be built by the devil himself, they go down the many streets of the city and capture anyone stupid enough to be out after curfew. They take the captured people to the furnace. The Great Furnace that heats every home in Haven City. Jonathan lives in Haven City. More like a prison than a true community. A huge wall surrounds the entirety of it, deterring invaders and escapers alike. Jonathan is a miner he works 10 hours a day chiseling and hammering at the hills on the outskirts of town, mining the precious gems that stud the rolling hills and valleys that were once full of life. Haven city is controlled by the Byronian Empire. An intergalactic powerhouse that controls just about everything. Jonathan has been beaten senseless several times in his life for not producing enough gems to appease his sadistic masters. Jonathan gets out of bed and makes some SUCCESS! Coffee courtesy of the byronians. He puts on his Haven City uniform and waits for the kill locks to open. When he opens his door the sharp smell of cordite stings his nose and the city is full of activity and screaming quite unusual for a Monday morning I might add. He sees smoke in the direction of the government buildings. And he asks someone if they know what’s going on. They say “That terrorist BLUE just blew up the Old Bailey!” he runs toward an alley trying to get to work and suddenly a sharp pain hits his leg and then he falls and he loses consciousness. Suddenly there is a blinding light as a bag is whisked from his head. He averts his eyes at the light. And he sees a man who he has seen only on the telescreen, BLUE. He is shocked to see this man who just that morning destroyed the Old Bailey. A man who was a hero to the prisoners of haven city. Blue says in a deep monotone” join the resistance or die.” Of course Jonathan accepts. “tomorrow we will destroy the Wall” BLUE says nonchalantly. “now sleep for tomorrow we make history!” Jonathan sleeps restlessly his dreams invaded by shadowy figures and explosions. The next day he is aroused at a quarter to two. He puts on a dark blue jumpsuit and a pair of steel tipped boots. And he is hurried outside and to the wall. They spent 2 hours placing charges around a 1 mile area. Big enough for all of haven city to escape. They ran to a safe distance and pushed the igniter. BOOM! The explosion shook the very foundation of the city. And then a recording of BLUE resonated through the city. “LEAVE THE CITY YOU HAVE BEEN RELEASED FROM YOUR SHACKLES, LEAVE, LEAVE!” and then a stampede of thousands of people coursed through the streets. They left and created there own community. Jonathan was captured and put in prison. Two days later he was saved by BLUE and his gang. But was shot while escaping. His final words were “I made history.” A monument now stands in his honor in the new community. He was never forgotten.

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