Chapter 1

July 12, 2013
Everybody starts off their journals or diaries talking about how they woke up and ate breakfast; brushed their teeth and got ready for school...but not me. My morning started off with a high speed police chase.
I was walking to the store and before I could get there good, I heard gun shots. I was too startled to move and I stood there. Two middle aged guys in masks slammed the door into me, knocking me onto the ground. One of them looked to me and tossed the gun in my lap. I threw it up in the air and when it dropped, it went off again. I ran. To be honest with you, this wouldn't have been a police chase if I would've known police cars were present already. I jumped on my motorcycle and drove onto the highway. That's when I heard the police sirens.
"You're going after the wrong person!" I tried to shout to them, but the sirens only drowned my voice out. I kept speeding off of the highway and into my familiar neighborhood. My heart was racing. I took my eyes off the road for a split second to see how close the police were, I slammed into a cab.

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