Always A Happy Ending

October 2, 2008
By AmazinqRaice SILVER, Battle Creek, Michigan
AmazinqRaice SILVER, Battle Creek, Michigan
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My name is Cam’ron Ellis I live deep in Chicago. It’s quiet here. Even though there is a store across the street from my house, that people come in and out of. But not for the reason you think. Now above the store there is a man and his Uncle. The uncle is 50-60 years old the man, he is a year older than me, which makes him 21. I think I love that man, every time I see him I’m hypnotized and he is nice, but he’s in a gang, one of the fiercest gangs in Chicago. I heard once that his part in the gang is to collect stolen things from another gang member and sell them. His Uncle thinks he has a job, even though everyone else finds it quite evident that he doesn’t. But sometimes I think he loves me back, like I can walk past him in the market on 50th street and he will literally stand in front of me until I speak, usually I say something stupid he chuckles and then continues on his way.
Anyway I’m walking up 40th street on my way to the market, when I see him, Tyler, yeah that’s his name. But before I know it, I’m on the ground covering my head screaming, not knowing why I’m screaming yet. Then I hear it, ‘Boom, boom, boom, and it’s over.
I try to collect myself, but I can’t because Tyler is on top of me, shielding me I suppose, but now it’s all over and he won’t move.
I just lay there thinking of what he could possibly be doing. Then I feel it, the warm liquid sliding down my shirt into my bra and then more sliding down my arm. I manage to push Tyler’s limp body off of me. But the blood isn’t mine, the blood is his, those bullets were meant for him.
He begins to speak “I don’t wanna die.” And he shuts his eyes, and he looks as if his last few breaths are coming to an end. I snatched him up, and put all his weight with mine. I took him to the hospital. People came running toward me arms everywhere shoving Tyler unto a stretcher. They rolled him into a room.
I was in the emergency room for 2 minutes but it felt like an eternity when the nurse finally came out. “He’s not going to make it. He was shot twice, one bullet snipped his neck and the other bullet cut deep into the arm, he has lost too much blood.” She said. I screamed at her. “You’re lying! Get away from me! Go help him! GO!!” I couldn’t believe I didn’t get a chance to talk to him.
The nurse returned to the room. She was in there for 2 seconds before she returned with a wild grin. “He is actually breathing, he will probably be in the hospital for a few more days.” And just like that I was happy. I went home and I slept that night.
When Tyler got out of the hospital, he was gone for weeks. When he did come back he landed on my doorstep with a beautiful diamond ring.
We married several weeks later, the store was sold. We moved to California, his Uncle married some crazy lady and then, Tyler got hired at a car dealership, and we moved into a 3 bedroom house. I had twins, a boy and a girl.
By the time the kids were 3 Tyler was manager, and I didn’t have to work.
One day I came across a bumper sticker “ Always A Happy Ending……” I smiled because it was true.

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