Bad Cop

October 1, 2008
By brad jolivette, Flowermound, TX

It all started on September 20, 2008, in a city of Dallas, Texas. I am a very old and very out of whack cop, but I could have retired a long time ago but I didn’t and here is why. My captain and one of my best friends. He is very tall and very young like 28 years old, and most of all he is an amazing cop. Then he told me” well I tested everyone on the force and you are the last one for me to test.” Then I said “What ever you need me to do but first I need to talk to you and it is very important”. Then he said” make it quick your test is about to begin!” So I told him all of my plans for retiring soon and how it would effect our friendship, and he said” it is not going to do it any good.” Then I said” I already made my decision and nothing is going to change my mind. Right at that moment we heard a huge bang and we went outside to investigate, and what we saw just blow our mind. It was a hobo trying to steal a bus no wait now he is succeeding. So without thinking we both jumped into separate cop cars and drove after the hobo , an what I saw next was so shocking about 50 to 60 kids were on that bus, and the bus was going on record speeds, but it was a very short chase it took about 7 minutes to realize the hobo and the bus had crashed and the captain and the new trainee about to take him down town and then I realized I was off duty so I did all that work and what do I get a big bowl full of nothing. After that the captain walked up to me and said” did you see the new guy tackle that hobo to the ground you could something about loyalty and trust from that guy. Then I said” that is the final straw I quit” Then the new trainee came up to the captain saying so did oldie locks pass the test” then I said “what is he talking about.” So the captain explained to me that it was all a set up and that that little incident was a test to see if I could handle being lied to and how long it would take me to figure out and then he said” that I passed and he asked if I still wanted to retire” and I said” no way I need to get you back for the lying” then he said “I’d love to see you try,” and that was the end of that.


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