Midnight Fears

September 25, 2008
By Olivia Garcia, Wilmington, DE

As Carter knelt down on his knee, Hannah felt shocked as her mouth dropped open, yet no sound was heard. He reached into his black, fancy tuxedo and pulled out a magenta velvet box with a silver bow located on the top. Carter opened the box about half way and then he closed it again and began to speak, “Hannah Jones, I have known you all my life but I never knew who you were. These past months have been amazing, full with drama and suspense, but we were always there for each other. I’ve learned a lot about life since we’ve been going out. A big lesson I learned is to never take life for granted. And when you see something that you want, you go after it without hesitating. And so, that brings me to where I am right now.” He took a dramatic pause. It looked almost as if he had a tear about to fall down his own red cheek. “Hannah Meredith Jones, I want you, and not only that. I need you. Without you I am nothing. Therefore, I am going after you. I can’t stand when we are apart. I just can’t live without you. Hannah, will you marry me?”
Hannah felt overwhelmed with happiness and joy. “Oh my gosh,” she whispered as Carter opened the square box gradually. There was a stream of beautiful shine as a ray from the moon hit the diamond ring with a silver base. Carter bit by bit, slipped the ring on her finger awaiting the answer that would determine the rest of his life.
Hannah took one glance at the sparkling ring on her finger and opened her mouth, except, nothing came out. Instead, she fainted flat on the ground in the middle of the best, most expensive restaurant in New York City.

“Hannah? You there, baby?” Carter asked her as she awoke from her deep sleep.
“Yea,” she pushed herself up so her back was straight. “I had a great dream though.”
“Really? What happened?” Carter asked suspiciously thinking that he already knew what she was thinking.
“Well, you proposed….” Hannah immediately stopped when she saw the ring gleaming diamond ring on her finger. “Oh…I guess it wasn’t a dream” she said uncertainly. “Did I answer?” Hannah asked in shame because she couldn’t remember what happened earlier that evening.
Carter just shook his head ‘no’ and gave a sparkle in his eyes as though it was time to answer his very important question.
“Well, then, I guess I better start planning.” Hannah said casually as though it didn’t mean anything, but then Carter jumped up and hugged and kissed his fiancée until she was blue in the face.

“DADDY?!” Hannah screamed when she came running in the door. “Where are you?”
“BABY GIRL!” Mr. Jones came scurrying towards his daughter. “I heard what happened. First, are you alright? And second, what did you say?!”
“Oh Dad, I am perfect because I have a new wonderful fiancée!” Hannah tilted her left hand to her father so that he could see the magnificent rock on her engagement finger.
“Congratulations Bud,” Harold Jones calmly said to his daughter. He did not seem to excited to give his only prized possession away to another man.

“Yes, ma’am, I would like the eggshell placemats; not the taupe. And throw in the napkins with that please.” Hannah was very specific about what she wanted and she wouldn’t settle for anything different. “And I need a dozen Dessy Bridesmaid Style 2056, with the Full-length strapless Bella Satin dress, with a beaded empire waistband please.”
“Yes, sir, I need a Sharp 65" LCD HDTV television,” he paused as he looked at the Circuit City magazine.
“Model number please,” a man with a squeaky voice said into the phone.
“SHA LC65D64U.”
“EXCUSE ME?” Hannah interrupted.
“Fine,” Carter said back to her. “I’ll take the 55" version.”

“Maybe you should try this one on,” the assistant of David’s Bridal said curiously to Hannah. “It is a satin trumpet gown, with beaded metallic lace, satin empire band with bow, and lace-up back. The train is called a Chapel Train.”
“Oh my,” Hannah whispered to herself, astonished that the gown fit perfectly. “I’LL TAKE IT!” she nearly screamed in the abandoned store.
“Good, because it looks amazing on you!” the lady kept complimenting Hannah as they walked to the register. “Okay, that’s one style T9395. Your total is $399.00.”

The next few days were a total blur to Hannah; not so much to Carter. Hannah was focused and tried to get the wedding plans done and finished. Carter would watch television and talk on the phone. Apparently, he was talking about his ‘ridiculous’ bachelor party that would take place this Friday night. Hannah stared and glared at him with an intension to make him stay under control.
As for Hannah’s bridal party, it was going both, smoothly and horridly. She planned the place easily, but sent the invitations uncertainly. Hannah was a wreck when all the R.S.V.P. calls came in all at once, but calm when she was decorating the house.

“CONGRATULATIONS!” Hannah heard an enthusiastic scream from the entrance of the Grand Plaza in the center of New York City.
She heard another group of people walk through the door. “We’re HERE!!!” They took a few more steps forward. “Let’s get this party started!”
Hannah smiled as she saw who the women were. It was her best friends Abigail, or Abby, Bailey, and Gina.
“Oh my gosh….who died in here?” Bailey said because no one else was there except for the four girls.
“Ha. You’re always making jokes. I love you guys. Thanks for coming. It looks like everyone else isn’t going to come.” Hannah said with a smile slowly fading away.
The three friends quickly ran in their high heels to the soon-to-be bride. They were all hugging each other and comforting Hannah when a rush of teenagers from her school ran in the door. Suddenly, the comforting friends turned into excited, dancing rabbits….literally. They were jumping up and down, up and down, up and down until the muscles in their thighs were so worn out that they had to finally sit down. Shortly after everyone was rested, the DJ packed up his belongings and left with the crowd screaming for more. Hannah’s party was certainly a hit. She started wondering about Carter and his ‘ridiculous’ bachelor party.

“20, 10, 5, TOUCHDOWN!!” Hannah could hear Carter, Toby, Nick, and Preston shouting as she walked down the sidewalk. Boys will be boys, she said to herself, laughing.

When she walked in the room, Toby, Nick, and Preston automatically removed themselves from the couch and said their goodbyes. Hannah didn’t say anything to Carter due to tiredness and went straight to bed.

“Hannah, baby? Are you there?”
“Yes, mom. Hold on I’ll be down in a minute!” Hannah said rushing.
“No. Stop whatever you are doing and come down here right this instant. This is extremely important.”
“Alright,” She said while clumsily running down the stairs.
“I know…”
“You know what, mom?” Hannah replied confused.
“I know who caused my death.”
Hannah woke up, drenched with sweat…speechless.

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