September 24, 2008
Hooded, all i remember was that horrible black hood. And the air got cold, realy cold. I was walking home and I saw... the thing. It was wearing a hood, it got cold, and i woke up here. No one was here, it was quiet, really nice and calm. It was warm, but I didnt know where i was. Then i simply left. Woke up in my own room, but i knew what i saw, and i knew where i was. i saw the grim reaper, i went to heaven, temporarily. i needed to find him, because i knew that was a sign, a sign that if i didnt find him hed find me. when i was walking home again i was walking slowly, anxiously, i knew he would warn me again. then the air felt cold, i turned around and saw him i saw him pointing at me, no, beckoning me to get closer to him, then, before it was too late i noticed i was in the middle of the street, and a bus honked.

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