The Day I Punished My Mom

September 24, 2008
Well I Was a Tuesday afternoon, and I was just getting out from a long day of school. I had had no homework so I decided that I wanted to go to the mall. After agreeing and promising to take me, she said that she’ll come around to get me around 5 o’clock. So I waited, And Waited, Still Waiting, and she didn’t show up like she said she would. 9 o’clock comes around in finally I see her car pull up in the drive way. 4 hours late and breaking her promise, I was beyond furious.
So I thought to myself for a second. I was time for me to take charge so that nothing like this would ever happen again. I was going to punish my own mom. So I’m thinking of a master plan on how I’m going to do this. Then it hit me like a clown on a unicycle, I was going to take the things she possibly couldn’t love without. So I took her car keys, and then goes the cell phone. Oh, and lets not forget about that laptop. It’s all mine now MWAH HAHAHA. That should teach her a lesson not to break a promise ever again...

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