Sandra Hernandez

September 24, 2008
By T'onna Jones, Jonesboro, AR

Growing up isn’t easy for everybody, I guess I’m everybody. Well, my name is Sandra Hernandez. I’m a 16 year old Mexican brat. At least, that’s what everyone at calls me at school. I am in the 11th grade, I’m currently attending San Andreas High…I hate that place with a passion. There are so many gangs, and so much violence. It used to be four people in my family, living in my household. But, now its only three; my mom, my little sister, and I. Some Caucasian cops came and took my daddy to prison, just because they are cops and they can do that. I guess, because I know he was a good man and didn’t do anything wrong. After I saw my daddy get beat to death and taken away…I attempted suicide every night. That was until I spoke with a therapist for a year. I always wonder why my daddy? Why couldn’t they take someone else’s daddy? Those are the questions I asked myself and God all the time. Life sucks for me right about now. I’m failing school, my mom is laid off of work, so there’s no money coming in, we hardly have any food to eat, and did I mention school is a living hell. That all changed when one day some Caucasian lady walked in the room and said “Hi, my name is Mrs. Riley and I am your new teacher.” I knew from when she walked through the door I was going to hate her, all because she is white, and Lord knows I hate them because of what they did to my daddy. She talked and talked, when I finally said “Lady, go get a life, we don’t need you in ours.” She replied; “Well…umm I’m going to be around for a long time, so I guess you guys have no choice but too put up with me in your lives.” I didn’t say nothing back, because after she said that…there was noting more I wanted too say, I wanted too punch her! She just has no idea what I’m going through. Weeks and weeks passed. One day after class she called me to the side and asked why I act so stuck up? I say “Because you people are cruel, they took my daddy to prison just because they could.” She said “But…sweetheart, I didn’t come in your home or wherever and take your farther, now did I?” I say “But you might as well be, you’re all the same!” She said “How about me and you go grab a bite to eat, and maybe talk this over…I’ll pay?” I say “Sure! Because I know we have nothing at home too eat, and I could eat a cow right about now.” So we went out to eat…she talked and talked telling me about her personal life. When she finally said “So what all happened to your farther?” I tell her the story from beginning to end. After dinner she dropped me off at home, and she said that she will see me tomorrow in class. The next morning came; she greeted me as I came through the door. I greeted her back. And from that moment on Mrs. Riley changed my life. I became an honor’s student, things got better for me and my family, my daddy is getting out of prison next month, and I’m completely happy! And most of all I forgave all Caucasians…

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