September 24, 2008
By Parker Davis, Jonesboro, AR

I knew that my heart will start beating once she stepped into the cafeteria. I waited. She came in and it did the exact thing I said I would. I watched her from across the cafeteria hoping to be talked to or at least be acknowledged. I knew I wasn’t as popular as she was but at least I’m not nerdy. She was, on the other hand, popular, smart, pretty, and very easy to talk to. She over all people was the captain of the Quiz Bowl team, president of F.B.L.A., leader of the robotics team, co-captain of the volleyball team, and athlete of the year three times, and almost everything you can think of. I always wanted to talk to her but I never could get it out when I got near her. I’m practically the captain of the soccer team but I bet she thinks it’s a boring sport to play. I know where I sit in the cafeteria and I’m fin with it but I sometimes get annoyed with the people I sit with. Of course it has to be the weirdest most perverted people in the whole school. I’m not. But I would do anything in the world to go sit by her. Or even go talk to her. Wait a minute. Why am talking about this right now? I looked at the overextended line trying to forget it and I finally gave up and looked at her again sitting at her popular table. She turned her head in my direction and smiled at me… Nicole looked at me and smiled.

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