Game Day

September 24, 2008
Today I woke up and I could not see myself. I was invisible. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, but all I could see was the wall behind me. I thought that I was dreaming so I went back to sleep, but when I woke up I was still invisible. I didn’t think that I was dreaming so I decided to take advantage of the situation. First, I decided to mess with some people’s minds so I got into the car and drove out to the golf course. I was able to drive because even if I got pulled over, the police man would not see a driver and think that I ran. When I got to the golf course I found a big group of men, teed off straight into them, and teed them off. Of course they couldn’t see me, so they had no idea who it was. Then after they teed off, I picked up all of their balls. I took them and ran to the car. I had to get to the airport. I was going to Austin, Texas, to watch the Razorbacks play the Longhorns. I drove straight to the airport and used my invisibility to get onto a direct flight to Austin. The plane was completely full so I ended up sitting in the bathroom for the entire flight. Once I got to Austin, I followed some fans and we shared a cab without them knowing. I got a free ride to the stadium which was already packed. I climbed a fence and began to look for seats. The only open seats were on the last row. That was when I got a great idea. I walked down to the first row and jumped onto the field. I walked over to the goal post and climbed up to my seat. I sat on the goal post and had the best seat in the house. As soon as I got up there the game started. It was a close game. The Razorbacks scored a field goal on their first drive and led by three the whole game. With ten seconds left in the game the Longhorns decided to attempt a fifty yard field goal on fourth down and twenty. The kick was right down the middle and heading straight for me. It was barely going to make it so I blocked it. The fans had no idea what happened. The Razorback fans were going crazy and it was because of me. I had an great day and it was because I was invisible.

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