The dead guy named Bob

September 24, 2008
By eric burns, Jonesboro, AR

Bob and Sally where at a family winter cabin with their mother. Their dad had died 4 days ago, his name was Phil, but that’s not important right now. Sally said “its SOOOO cold”. So Mom said “Ill get the fire wood”. So Mom did what she said she would do, and when she got to the wood stack, she got 5 sticks of wood and then she turned around only to find a huge 7 foot 4 inch Green Slime Monster, which tried to eat her!!! She got away safely, for now! The Green Slime Monster said “ill get your children 1 by 1!!!” “NOOOOO not my beloved children!!!” Mom said.
Mom got to the cabin to find Bob and Sally safe and sound. She thought the Green Slime Monster was bluffing… BUT he was NOT!!!
Mom told Bob and Sally to go and lock all the doors and window. So they did as they were told to do so. The next morning Mom checked on Bob and Sally, but Sally was not there! Mom franticly checked the doors and windows, they were all locked! Mom found some green slime on 2 2x4’s on the floor. Mom went to get Bob up. But when she tried to wake him up, he just wouldn’t. So she checked his pulse, he had no pulse and she found so green slime all over the bed, and the window was opened. That night the green slime monster had killed Mom while she was sleeping, so there was no one left of that Jones’s!!

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