My invisible day

September 24, 2008
One day I woke up and I looked at my hands but nothing was there! I then looked at my legs and nothing was there either. I can feel both but I can’t see any thing. I finally decide that I’m invisible for some reason. So I decide that I am going to make the best of it and go to school and get into some shanagins. First, I went to band class where I banged on some drums and played some horns. Since no one sees me it just looked like two drum sticks and horns just floating there. Then I went to math class and moved all the books and calculators around. So in English class I just moved all the books everywhere. Then I had Civics, I didn’t do any thing in there because if the teacher found out it was me I would run a lot. Next was Spanish class where I just messed with some people’s was first in the lunch line because I cut in front of everybody. I had fun in the science class. I turned on the chemical shower, turned on all the water, and threw all the goggles. Finally I had football. I put on my pads and ran out there without thinking. Since imp taller than everybody on the football team they knew it was me who was invisible. So the next day I had to run and everybody had a good laugh.

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chewbs said...
Oct. 3, 2008 at 3:26 am
Man that is a great story
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