Left Behind

September 24, 2008
By Travis Johnson, Jonesboro, AR

Tony’s mom told me that he was throwing a party Saturday. I told my mom that I was invited to a party. But little did I know I wasn’t invited. So, I’ll just tell you what happened to me on that Saturday. Oh by the way, Tony and I still aren’t friends now. Ok, on that Saturday, I call Tony and ask him what time that party was. So he’s like “what party?” He says “I aint havin’ no party dude, who told you that?” I told him his mom told me. He was like “dude I aint havin’ no party my moms must’ve been lying to you, aight, hey T let me hit you back, I gotta go.” I knew for a fact his mom wasn’t lying because she was a co-pastor of a church! She wouldn’t lie! Around seven o’clockish I rode by his house to find out the truth. I saw a whole row of cars parked in his yard. I said under my breath, “what a friend”. Thinking about a friend, how could I not be invited when almost every week he comes to me at lunch asking for five dollars! That low. He doesn’t pay me back either. I just won’t worry about though. I didn’t worry about him paying me back so I won’t worry about this. I’ll just see how he reacts toward me at school Monday. Monday comes and here he comes to my table at lunch. I tried to ignore him. He came to ask for money. I just walked away from the table and said nothing at all. He called me on Wednesday night and told me that he was sorry for not inviting me. He said that he didn’t want me to think that it was whack. So, I just said o.k. and went on about my business. Tony and I still haven’t associated today. Luckily, he hasn’t asked me for any more money.

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