Cat Fight

September 24, 2008
By Kaily Nix, Jonesboro, AR

If a close friend was throwing a party and they didn’t invite me I would be livid. They might make up some lame excuse like, “O sorry, umm yours might have just gotten lost in the mail”, or they might have said “Didn’t my mom tell you; I guess it’s her fault”. People like that always try to put the blame in someone else or reflect it on something so it seems as though none of it had to do with them. They also might flakily say “Sorry! My phone has been messing up so I couldn’t call you and I didn’t want to say anything at school or else someone might have gotten their feelings hurt”. Well, what so you know someone’s feelings did get hurt, only they were mine.

In the animal world this would result in two wild cheetahs having an actual catfight, ‘til the death. In girl world it would cause a catfight but more of getting people on your side, bickering, probably a grudge, and when you have a party she won’t be accepting an invitation because she will not be invited. So chose your battles wisely and don’t get into a lot of drama or grief. If she acts that way, she not your real friend.

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